Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All Good Things Must Come To An End

And our good thing has.

We lost our 2nd and final tournament game last night. The kids played hard and really had a good time playing their last game of the season.

It is a little sad it is over but on another hand a bit of a relief, not sure how much more stress I could handle. It is easy to get all caught up in the game and want to run out on the field and ask the ump, what was he thinking was he even watching the game? But then you snap back to reality and remember that they are only 5 yrs old and in the big picture of life it really doesn't matter. This season will not affect whether or not they make it into the majors, heck it wont even affect their high school or college careers.

I have seen how some of the coaches act and how they think their team is so much better than yours. I was told of a certain coach of a certain team that had not been beaten all season and her team had won the tournament last year. I also heard that when this certain coach lost the first game they played in the tournaments to the 8th place team she was shall we say less than sportsman like. She then lost her next game later that day and was subsequently out of the tournaments in 2 games. I would never wish that kids loose a game but I am hopeful this snapped her back to reality. This is the main reason Shane is coaching Wyatt I do not want a coach that is more worried about winning than letting the kids have a good time. Shane has been an excellent coach this season and had wonderful help from parents. I hope Wyatt will remember these days and realize how great of a daddy he has.

Only thing those kids were worried about after their second game was when they would get a medal. They watched two other teams receive them and really wanted one.

Coach Daddy and Wyatt


Elizabeth said...

People are crazy. Carter may not play until he's 10 years old because thats what I am afraid of, a jerk who thinks tball is the major leagues. Wyatt looks so cute in his uniform. I am stumped though, what is the W for on his hat? Arent they the Nationals?

Mama's Losin' It said...

I love watching the little kids go at it in sports. It's so cute! But you're right, sometimes the parents needlessy take it to a whole new level. It's ridiculous.

ps I totally subscribe to the KRAFT magazines. A lot of the recipes I use are from there. You're on to me... :)

Kurt and Samantha said...

Good Grief let the kids have fun! Wyatt is so cute and so grown up!