Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Since my last post

So let's see what all has happened since the last post

Well I turned another year older which makes me another year into my 30's-ugh! But it was a good birthday despite the fact I am getting old. Hubs and I went out alone the night before, he took me shopping for my bday gift, which is just fine with me. I got 2 new pairs of great shoes! We also went to dinner at my favorite spot-Bone Fish Grill and a to movie. On my bday he and the kids made me breakfast-Chocolate gravy and heart shaped biscuits.

As breakfast was wrapping up Wyatt got all excited over his chocolate moose. He had to take a pic;)

Nope not done on purpose!

Then later that I day I dropped Shane at the airport, yes he left on my birthday for a week long work trip. To top it off the oldest of the girls I watch was out of school on fall break all week, I only babysit her now when she is out of preschool. So I had an extra kid all week, oh and Tuesday was only a 3hr school day for Wyatt & his buddy didn't have anyone to pick him up, so that brought my number up to 5 kids!! Yep I am that crazy. Luckily Shane made it home Friday night, unluckily he made it home late as his flight was delayed and he didn't touch down til 11:50pm which didn't put us back home from picking him up til 1am. Wyatt thought it was great staying up that late though, Abby not so much she didn't have a clue he was home til the next day she said "did we get daddy I can't remember." I wish I slept that deeply that I could have a coat and shoes put on me, get carried to the car & buckled in, drive to airport and back home, carried out of car, coat off, shoes off, and carried to bed and NEVER wake up!

I went to Target one day and saw this.

yep that would be Halloween on the left and Christmas on the right-SIDE BY SIDE!! I did not crop this picture.

Like I mentioned we are headed to DISNEY! (2weeks) can I get a wooohooo? anyways I am wanting to learn how to do some new stuff with Abby's hair that is easy and will keep it out of her face all day. So I have been studying and trying to channel Heather, since she claims to be a hair savant (I have to agree with her). I have been very pleased with my results but I am still long from being great. I am just glad she helped me figure out the bang french braid (the trick she says is to only pull from the front). Well here was my latest attempt.

A braided headband:) She loved it btw and it really held up and she wore it all day.

Abby and I have spent some time at Wyatt's school this week. I helped tie dye shirts with all the 3rd graders on Monday. Abby had to have one also of course. This week is Red Ribbon Week (say no to drugs) at his school they got to wear their shirts today for the parade at his school. every day has a theme and today's was 60's style.

I thought Abby was rocking the 60's with her flower pants!

Then she and I headed to the zoo since the weather was gorgeous today and from what I understand glad we enjoyed cause it is gonna change drastically. They are all decorated up for Halloween.

Well that about sums it up. We are also all ready for Halloween-costumes have arrived in the mail and they fit and are liked by all. We will be tricking and treating at a friends house again at was has become our annual Halloween party-can't wait!


Kurt and Samantha said...

Happy belated birthday!! I have to say that I haven't had chocolate gravy and biscuits in forever, but I just might have to make some now. The moose looked pretty good! Love the dyed shirts!! have fun at Disney

Elizabeth said...

Sam- maybe you should tell Joy why those biscuits and choc gravy sound so good to you!!!!! :-)