Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alot of Randomness from the past few days

So after this past Friday there will be no more making of the babies here. I know what you all are thinking "but you guys make such cute babies"
Abby, gotta love that hair!
I am not gonna argue with you.

But the fact is babies as cute as they are, are expensive and alot of trouble. Also I really enjoy sleeping all night and not changing poopy diapers*. Our lives have gotten way to simple to go back.

After Saturday we are down one kid for a week as the oldest went to the beach with his friend-yep this momma is jealous. I told him to have fun and behave and he would have to suck it up if he started missing us cause we couldn't drive 9hrs to come get him, to which Shane spoke up and said "I would come get you buddy." I swear Shane was more worried about him being gone for an entire week than Wyatt was. For the record this is the first time he has been away from us more than a couple of days. We have talked to him everyday and he seems to be doing just fine and having alot of fun.

I have gotten a jump start on Christmas shopping and am trying to find as many deals as possible. Abby and I went shopping over the weekend (which really makes xmas shopping complicated) cause I was on the hunt for a Strawberry Shortcake remote controlled car, it was on sale at TRU and when you combined it with a store coupon and manufacturer coupon you could get it for a little over $2! well of course they were out of them, but I did score the new Tinkerbelle dvd/blue ray combo for $14 (actually Abby did since it was her money)I used that store coupon and a $10coupon I printed on the Disney site. So I grabbed their sale paper and headed to Target. I was in luck and they had them in stock, I picked up one told Abby we were getting it for the oldest girl I watch (which is true). Then I quickly hid another one in my shopping bag when I distracted her for a minute. On the way out she wanted to look at movies and picked up a SS which just happened to have a $5 coupon on it when you bought it and a toy (which I already was doing.) I told her no since she had just got another movie, then when she turned I quickly shoved it into the bag! :) I checked out then headed over to customer service to get them to price match the TRU ad and get the difference refunded, since they can't adjust the price at the register this is what you have to do.

Here's the breakdown of my deals:
(2) Strawberry Shortcake RC cars on sale @TRU for $14.99
(1) SS movie $9.99
I used (2) $10 coupons for the cars and the $5 coupon for the movie! got each of them for $4.99 a pc!

I also hit up CVS where I spent $30something but saved over $70.

Have I convinced you yet on the greatness of coupons yet?

*disclaimer: sure I still change poopy diapers but only because someone pays me to do so, and it is not in the middle of the night!


Tabi said...

Girl, I wish I could figure out the coupon thing but with my insane schedule it honestly ends up being too much work to go to all the different stores!

Speaking of insanity, I would like to start selling my dresses again (trying to save up for a serger!) and was wondering if I could use Abby's pictures on my facebook? It is kept to private so only my friends can see it but I will completley understand if your not comfortable with that! Just shoot me an email!