Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What began as sadness ended beautifully

Our family suffered a great loss over the weekend.  Shane's Nano (his mom's mother) passed away after a very long battle with sickness.

It started about 9 or so years ago when her memory began to go.  I am not sure I had ever heard about the time she left the house to go to Walmart which was close to their house and ended up in another town far from home.  That was the last time she drove and granddad disabled her car but she still tried to leave in it and he just kept telling her they didn't know what was wrong with it.  Most recently she had suffered a stroke and it proved to be to much for her body to recover from.

I was trying to think about the first time I met her and came to the conclusion it was on a Thanksgiving and seems like I remember her making Shane dressing withOUT celery.  See he Hates celery and that is something only a loving grandmother would do.  I have heard tons of stories from Shane that include spending time at his grandparent's house.

The last time I saw her we had taken the kids by their house she always loved all the kids and loved seeing them. She had 7 grandkids and 10 great grandkids.  She would say over and over how beautiful they were.  Nano and Granddad would have been married 67 years on Christmas.  I love that fact seeing as how Shane and I also have an anniversary on Christmas.  No we were not married, but actually met on Christmas night.  Their 67 years weren't always blissfully wonderful, if fact I am not sure that even exists.  But they stuck through it for better or for worse.  I hope that Shane and I can make it to 67yrs or even better, longer.

So like I mentioned Shane always talked about the wonderful memories that he had with his Nano and today he was able to share one of the wonderful memories with me and the kids.  The cemetery she was buried at has a wonderful little pond with beautiful bridges and a water wheel.  He was telling me how they use to go feed the duck there and sure enough as we pulled up there sat a bunch of ducks:)

We got out and it was just beautiful there and we took the opportunity to turn an unbelievably sad moment into a wonderful moment.  I kept saying I wish I had the girl who takes the kids pictures there she would have loved it almost all the leaves had fallen making a carpet of gold and yellow (which BTW is dangerous in heels-just sayin'). Even though we are far from professional photographers we managed to snapped a few good pics.

I also have to take a minute to brag on my kids, we took them today because we felt like they needed to be there and believed that it would help them understand what was happening. We also knew it would make Gram (Shane's mom) and Granddad very happy to see them today.  When we got there Granddad lit up when he saw the kids and picked up Abby and she gave him the biggest hug, I know at that moment he felt better even if it was just for a short time.  They were both so well behaved and sat without a word threw the entire service. Abby took a pink rose after the service and carried it around with such joy, she insisted that it be put in water as soon as we got home and is now sitting on the kitchen table.


Bad Mommy said...

Joy I'm so sorry for yours and Shane's loss. You guys are great people with amazing kids. Take care. (hugs)

Kurt and Samantha said...

So sorry for your loss, it is NEVER easy. The pictures are beautiful, you did a great job!

Elizabeth said...

No, it is never easy. So sorry to hear about Nano. What a beautiful place though!

Sasha said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. Hugs!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

So sorry for your loss.

Love the pictures of the kids they are so cute :)

Anonymous said...

Very Nice, Luv U.......SS

Cindy said...

Joy I'm so sorry about your family's loss & it's never easy. The pics are great!!!