Friday, November 6, 2009

Tis the season' to save you some money

He's making his list and soon will be checking it twice; let's face it folks Santa Claus is coming to town!

Yes you are not crazy you did just read my Halloween post but you know how it goes, the day after Halloween all the stuff at the store goes 75%off and they are putting up Christmas stuff. Poor Thanksgiving, it totally gets the shaft. No one really thinks about it unless you are thinking about .40/pd Turkeys on sale at Wallyworld which my dad will be picking up for me for Thanksgiving since I am in charge of cooking the turkey every year but have zero space to store it.

Anyways so I have been on a mission this year to save big $$ every since I found some websites telling me how easy it was. Seriously there are a tons of cheap and free things out there it is just a matter of hunting them down.

Here's a quick example of a great deal thanks to coupons. Last week Publix had a $4 off coupon in their sale paper when you got 4 General Mills products. I got 4 cans of biscuits and after all the coupons I made .44, not really but that amount basically came off something else I had purchased. I also got 2 boxes of cereal and 2 boxes of Nature Valley granola bars and it came to $1.07/pc after all the coupons. Finally I got 2 rolls of sugar cookie dough and two pack of break and bake Pillsbury cookies and after the coupons I made .50 (once again not really it just came off something else)! I mean seriously who doesn't want free and cheap stuff?

Shane and I are usually so bad when it comes to Christmas shopping we have a date night and we eat out and do most all of our shopping in one night. Which generally means we spend WAY to much on our kids. This year I am on a mission to seek out the deals, thanks to a few gals who put in all the hard work hunting down the deals.

First things first Old Navy is having a 50% off outerwear starting today. Go to their weekly website and grab you a coupon and it makes it an even better deal. ON weekly resets every Thursday with awesome coupons the trick is to find them before they're gone, which for the good ones is like seconds:) but hey getting a 25% or 20% off is better than nothing if you already need to go to ON.

Not sure which ones are left right now I do know the good ones $65 off $100 are long gone! If you want a 25% off click on a leaf as it blows behind Wesley's head, 20% off is taking 5 exclamation points and putting them on the bottom after where it says "Michelle's winter must haves" the coupon will pop up and you can email it to yourself.

So go grab you a warm coat, or go on Saturday they will have scarves for only $1!!

On to great deals at Target. This week they sent out their great toy book full of great gifts for the little ones and it included tons of great coupons! If you didn't get one in the mail you can get the coupons at the store or print them here. It should allow you to select just the ones you are interested in printing.

I went the other day and got an amazing deal on Wii games. This week Target has them buy 2 get 1 free. I got 3 of them and then used the $10 off 2 games coupon (it is on page 5 of the coupons). Anyways I got them all for about $21/pc after coupons. If you can manage to only get the cheap ones it comes out to an even better deal.

I also got a Connect 4x4 game for Wyatt it is on sale for $14.99 plus I used this coupon for $5 more off.

Target will price match if you find a better deal anywhere else. There are tons of match ups with coupons and there big holiday toy sale and if you want more details go check out one of my absolute favorite sites.

SwagGrabber is great on not only finding all the sale stuff but she also tells you where to find all the great coupons to combine with the sales and also will let you in on all the freebies that are floating around.

Go here and you can read more about the Target deals.


Anonymous said...

I am going to try Swaggrabber, thanks. I do all the time but that is mainly grocery stuff.