Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin Patch and Trick or Treating

Last week Abby got to go on her first ever field trip, she was so excited! For the last 4yrs she has listened to Wyatt talk about school and field trips and now that it is finally her turn to get in on all the action she is loving it.  She has really adjusted to school great and is still LOVING Kindergarten.  She was also pretty excited to get to ride the bus, it was pretty funny when she asked where the seat belts were as they were about to load up :)

We ended up have a gorgeous day & seeing how just two days later it was raining and 40degrees I say we were extremely lucky!

They got to pick out a pumpkin
This is her "corn angel"

They also had a great Halloween, we went to our friend's house again for their annual Halloween Party.
One of her favorite treats! caramel apple

I have said many times that I lost my battle with Wyatt a few years ago on costume selection.  Now he is what ever cheesy Star Wars character or Ninja that he thinks has the coolest accessories at the time of costume choosing.  This year it was a Ninja (again), but hey at least it's easy and it makes him happy and that's what counts right?  sure

But I can still decide for influence Abby's choice for Halloween attire, I feel like I have her for a couple more years at least :)  This year I "helped" her decide to be a 50's girl.  Her doll Ella also has an outfit so I thought they would be so cute together.  I am glad I was right:)


Monday is also her 50th day of school and they are doing 50's day, she is super excited she gets to wear her costume again. They are gonna have a sock hop and make coke floats! It's no wonder she loves Kindergarten they are always doing some party or super fun activity.