Friday, May 27, 2011

Schools Out for Summer!

Please tell me someone else just sang that title in their heads just like I did when I typed it:)

Anyways as the title says it is officially summer break! Wyatt had his last day of school on Wednesday and we went to pick his report card up today, and much to my dismay it stated that he had been promoted to the 4th grade! No I am not sad he passed his 3rd grade year (really with straight A's we had no fear) but what I am having a hard time with is OMG he is a 4th grader which means only 2 more years of elementary school and then I will have a middle schooler! How did this happen? How has my baby boy grown so fast? He has done so well in school and made awesome friends this year I can't wait to see what the upcoming school year holds for him. I do know that I hope he gets one of the two teachers I want, one is his former 2nd grade teacher and the other is a friend of ours. I told Wyatt they may end up fighting over him :)

They handed out school awards last week and Wyatt received 3 awards! One for zero behavior marks (infact he has gone all 4yr k-3rd with never receiving one); one for principles list (all A's all year long); and one for Most Outstanding Boy in his class!

Also with the end of the school year it means another hard to think of topic. Kindergarten! as in Abby is officially a Kindergartener! I signed her up the other day during early registration now I am faced with OMG both of my kids will be in school next year! She is beside herself with excitement, I am nervous. Mainly cause as I mentioned before Wyatt has made a very hard to live up to reputation for her to follow in. I am afraid I may have to do some serious sucking up to the teacher at the start of the year to get her to immediately fall for Abby so that she will forgive her for everything she may put her through during the school year:)


Shell said...

Congrats to your boy!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Wow he did awesome!

Crazy Me said...

Ugh. They shouldn't be allowed to get so big so quickly. Fourth grade was a hard one for me too with my oldest and now she is going into 6th grade! Don't ven get me started on the emotional roller coaster of kindergarden. I hate that Kimberly has to go this year!

Congrats on all his awards, that is awesome!

Samantha said...

Good job Wyatt, that is awesome! I know Abby will have so much fun this fall starting school!!

Tallymomma said...

Where does the time go and why do our babies grow up so fast.