Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter and Gymnastics

So it was Easter last week but I never got around to posting pictures, but I am determined to get this place updated to be sure to check by more this week I have lots going on around here.

Like I said it was Easter and the bunny managed to make a stop at my house. He left lots of goodies and candy. Abby got some new ear rings and she couldn't wait to change them out and show them off.

they are hard to see here but they are little hoops with pretty pink flowers on them:) She got a few other pairs and we have had to change them again she would change them everyday into a new pair if I would let her:)

We headed to Shane's mom for lunch and I managed to get the kids to pose for a picture together which I might add is getting harder and harder in my experience I have found 8 year old boys HATE to pose for a picture.

5yr old little girls not as much :)

Last week Abby had a great night at gymnastics that resulted in a promotion! At her gym they have a reward system for the kids if they accomplish some task for the first time alone they get to ring a big bell and receive a medal for a job well done. Well Abby got her first pullover on the bar with zero help from her coach! She was so excited to get to ring the bell and get her medal. Daddy managed to miss it by just minutes he was coming from Wyatt's baseball lessons and walked in just after it happened.
I of course forgot to snap a pic at the gym but got one at home.

After class was over her coach asked us into the office and then went on to invite Abby into the Mighty Mights which is a step up from the starter class and a class that you have to be invited into, this was a huge surprise to us since she has only been doing it since February! She is so excited to get to learn even more things but a little nervous to leave the little girls and coach she knew. So who knows you may be looking at one of the 2024 summer Olympians :)


Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Yes - I can not get my 8 and my 13 year old boys to pose for anything!

Your daughter is getting so big and she is so cute.

Anonymous said...

like to get into her panties.