Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break

Last week was spring break for Wyatt school, Shane and I both took Thursday and Friday off and we had planned on going out of town but the weather had another plan and it turned cold and rainy, not my idea of spring break weather but hey what you gonna do. Instead we stayed here and just planned some fun local stuff to at least get us out of the house.

We started on Thursday with a trip to the bowling alley, the kids love it and I am sad to say even though Shane bowled all of his turns with his left hand or right handed with a ball that was to small for him due to his shoulder surgery, he still beat us all! They also have video games and bumper cars we spent a couple hours there and they had a blast.

Friday we headed to the farm where Shane and Wyatt hunt. It was still chilly but we bundled up and took a long walk in the woods.

notice the little bitty tag along trailing behind them? Yep that is Tuck he came along for fun.

He is so small this is where he was most of the time :)

He loved being all warm and snuggled in there and quickly fell asleep!

There is a very old cabin tucked back in the woods that we checked out, the thought of someone living there way back when is awesome. This farm is in the middle of a major part of town with the interstate not far from it now. I wish I could have seen it back in the days of when it was still standing.

click it to make it bigger

Wyatt also snapped this one of Abby and her new favorite little man

Then Saturday and Sunday we spent the day extending our current fence to build the new wall of "I hate my neighbors and their nasty back yard."
This is our new view:

and we LOVE it. Now when we are out in the pool playing, working in the garden or just laying under the big tree in our hammock I no longer will have to look at them! :)

So even though our Spring Break didn't turn out as planned we had a great time and didn't spend alot of money and since we skipped this trip we are planning another trip back to Atlanta to see a Braves game as soon as our baseball season has a break.