Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baseball time

So like I mentioned in my last post baseball has begun here in middle TN for my 2 kiddos. Wyatt is doing travel ball this year which is a big leap for us. Hubby and two other guys got together and decided that this was the year to take it on. So many boys their age have been playing travel ball for a couple of years but we didn't want him to get burned out at an early age. I was a little nervous about it but gave in after hubs and the other 2 guys decided to keep it local and not every weekend. So even though it is called travel ball we really aren't traveling, we only have 3 tournaments outside of the county we live in and those still are only like 45min away.

I have joked with Wyatt and told him when he hits it big in the MLB he owes us! We have racked up lots of hours, miles and $$$$ to further his baseball career, lets just hope it pays off someday :)

With all that being said he played his first tournament a couple weeks ago. They played 5 games over the weekend and he really seemed to love it. He gets along great with all the boys on his team and all the parents are great so I am really looking forward to a fun summer spent at the ball park.

He plays catcher sometimes, this is him behind the plate and just so happened to be one of his best buddies batting! He later went on to tag Brock out at home plate with an awesome dive at him as he was sliding into the plate, luckily Brock didn't hold it against him ;)

He also plays 2nd base

His team looks so great in their uniforms, the guys came up with a great team name and logo. So we will at least look like we got it all together :) I forgot to snap a pic of just Wyatt alone so I will have to post one of those later, maybe I will get a good one of Wyatt and Abby this Saturday after her game with them both in the ball uniforms.

Abby's first game is tonight and thus begins us going crazy over juggling two kids playing baseball at two different places, it has always been them at the same park. They both have a game on Saturday so looks like a divide and conquer Saturday for us! Shane is Abby's head coach so of course he has to be at her game which leaves me in charge of him.