Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Nationals WIN!!!

We finally got to play ball today. We were worried that with all the rain we had yesterday we would get canceled again. I'm sure Shane was pretty nervous about the first game but Wyatt didn't seem to be nervous at all. He looked SOOO cute and grown up in his uniform today. Not sure how I will keep those pants and shirt white but I can only guess there will be lots of bleach involved. The game got off to a gotta bad start but they got in it after that and we came back from a 0-7 start to win 17-16! Wyatt made some awesome plays making 2 outs. He caught a line drive ball out of the air after it was hit but couldn't hold on to it. We had a joke with him if he caught one last season he would get $20 so he asked his daddy for his money but daddy wouldn't pay up since he dropped it. He also did great hitting scored 2 times and hit one all the way to the outfield. All the kids had a great time many of them on the team had never played before but loved every minute of it. So hopefully this is a sign of good things and the team will do well and Shane won't have a nervous break down while trying to coach 13 5 yr olds.

My little Pitcher

Running home

Looking oh so cool after scoring


The Spencer Family said...

He looks too cute in his baseball outfit! Sounds like it was a good game.

Elizabeth said...

Yippee a new post. Your doing good. :-) Wyatt does look adorable in his uniform!! Last night was lots of fun. We always have such a good time with you guys, ya'll mean alot to us!