Thursday, April 17, 2008

The garden has begun

Well most of you know that every year for a really long time we have had a garden. It has seemed to grown a little every year, well this year Shane decided to move it and make it even bigger. I am sure we will have enough veggies to feed a small country or at least enough to set up a vegetable stand in the front yard and make Wyatt sit out there and look oh so cute and sell them all!

Dad came today brought his tractor and played like he was a real farmer and tilled it up for us. Well Shane couldn't resit and had to get out in it tonight planting. He seriously loves it, I say it is his love affair he has in the summer. He spends so much time out there, but we all to really enjoy it even the kids. I am just happy they are getting big enough to pull their weight and start pulling some weeds or helping to shuck the 1000's of ears of corn I predict Shane will have grown.

Of course I had the camera out there tonight as they played in the dirt and helped daddy plant some onions. Peas are going in tomorrow-Can't you here the excitement in my voice?

Abby digging with her shovel

I found this huge alien like beetle in the garden and Shane was so happy when his little girl wasn't afraid to hold it-of course it was dead though.

Helping daddy get the onions in the ground


JamYoung said...

SO glad to see you on here finally! Love the pic of Abigail with the beetle. Feel free to share your bounty with the Young's. Our thumbs are black. MISS YOU!

Laurie said...

Yeah,,,maybe I can buy some tomatoes from you!!! hehe

Elizabeth said...

Count me in for some corn. :-)

Anonymous said...

You sure are lucky to have a husband that is so resourceful!!