Friday, March 2, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday-Hockey night

Wow it has been forever seen I have done a Wordful Wednesday post but I thought I would jump back in with a great pic I got of the kids over the weekend, see it is a rare thing these days to get a picture with both of them.

We headed to a Predators hockey game over the weekend, it was the first one we had all made together this season, Abby and I had went a little while back on one of our girls nights out and had a great time cheering on our boys. 

Hockey use to be one of our favorite things to do but in the last couple of years with baseball and school and just generally being busy it has become harder.  Abby actually attended her first hockey game when she was only about 3mths old and was a season veteran by 2 :) They have met many of the players and Wyatt once even got the chance to skate with a few of them when he did a hockey school.  We all had a great time watching the Preds put a hurt on the Sharks and the kids loved their free frosties from Wendy's on the way home :)

Thanks to Seven Clown Circus for her weekly Wordless Wednesday link up


angie said...

I'm so, so glad you jumped back in. It's always so much funner when you play along. That hockey game looked COLD! :)