Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yep I am still here oh & lots has happened since my last visit

WOW I can't believe how long it's been since I posted here.  It's just I am pretty busy these days, with what you might ask? well this little cutie pie is just one of them :)

Nope I didn't hide anything from everyone.  He is not mine, but the next best thing.  He is the cure to my baby itch, I get to snuggle and cuddle him and smell his sweet baby shampoo head all day and then at 5:00 hand him back over to his mommy so I can sleep all night!! :) His big sister is pretty dang sweet & cute herself and is sure to keep me on my toes also.

We had a great Christmas, Jingles made sure they were on their best behavior and even made sure they were added to the "nice" list:
and thanks to this they got obscene amount of stuff! Shane and I did pretty good also, my favorite gift by far had to be the Tim/Kenny concert tickets for their concert here this June, I am pretty sure his favorite gift was a framed pic his dad got him of some great hunting pictures from the year.
The top is his huge deer he got in Illinois, the 2nd was just one of Wyatt's deer from this year, the 3rd was Wyatt & Jet with their ducks from one of their trips to Missouri, but it was the bottom one that got him.  Wyatt is maybe 2 1/2 and Shane is showing him how to hold and shoot a little gun, such a sweet moment I caught on camera.
We rang in the New Year with some good friends while the kids hung with Gram and then a few weeks later Abby had a fantastic birthday (I can't believe she is 6!!)

Since then we have had a boring no snow winter the kids are bummed because they seriously wanted some snow to play in.  Luckily this past weekend we were able to humor them with some for at least one day.  We along with my MIL met Shane's sis and her boys in Gatlinburg for a mini vacation.  It was SO much fun the kids had a blast hanging in the hot tub at the house, yes that is snow falling.  It started snowing Sunday night and they couldn't resist sitting out in it, we adults thought they were CRAZY but how do you convince 4 kids that it is TOO cold to go outside in your swimsuit?

We went up to Ober on Saturday & our main reason for going up was snow tubing but all the morning sessions were sold out so we used all the other stuff to keep us occupied while we waited for our turn.  We did all kinds of fun stuff like ice skating

Wyatt had obviously forgotten all that he learned from his ice skating lessons and hockey school and was out of control most of the time :) Abby was in heaven she had been wanting to go ice skating for a long time and did pretty good once she was brave enough to let go of the railing.  Shane of course was a natural (I guess he hasn't forgotten anything from his many years of playing hockey) we all hoped though he would wipe out since he was so smug and kept telling us how easy it was, unfortunately it never happened ;)

We also rode up the chair lift to the very top of the mountain the view was awesome, although it was weird not to see any snow at the tops of the mountains.

It was a gorgeous sunny day in the mid 50's but luckily there was plenty of man made snow.  All the kids (and adults) loved the snow tubing! I was nervous the kids would drive us nuts waiting for it but luckily we didn't have to threaten anyone with a beating and they all behaved waiting the LONG 5hr wait!

Monday morning we woke up to just enough snow to be pretty but not make it impossible to get down off the mountain where our cabin was.  Shane being the biggest kids of them all of course had to start a snow
ball fight

but we still managed to get the kids to sit still long enough to snap a good pic of them all together

 We had a great time with everyone and can't wait to see them again soon.