Thursday, December 1, 2011

Look who's back!

Last night our favorite "little" visitor arrived!  Abby has been so excited for him to come she has been asking for weeks when he would be here.  Wyatt is still excited he came and for now the tradition lives on with him also!  Besides he knows the drill you don't believe you don't receive!!

Check him out on his first morning with us.  Atleast he felt a little at home since it was a chilly 20something outside this morning.

Here's a  closer view if you weren't sure who I was talking about.

Well it's Jingles of course!!!!

I have on good authority that is is gonna be extra watchful this year (certain people haven't been on their best behavior here lately).  They know he even knows what they do at school all day, luckily this is the least of my worries considering they are both complete angels at school and wouldn't dare get in trouble there!!  Also I think Jingles has made a bunch of new friends since he was here last year and is gonna be a bit more exciting this year.  Seems as though Jingles has been a boring fuddy dud just hanging out on the mantel and Christmas tree when he could have been:

Tp'ing the Christmas tree
the adventures of feagle day 23
Making "snow" angels

the adventures of feagle day 1
Or sneaking cookies-I am doing this soon I just put out our xmas cookie jar!

Maybe your elf will decide to spice things up this year also.  Check out Pinterest there are TONS of ideas on there. What you don't know about Pinterest? oh your poor thing, email me & I will send you an invite but be warned you will get addicted.