Monday, August 22, 2011

Daddy & Daughter Date Night

Thursday night Abby and Shane got to go spend some good quality time together on a daddy daughter date night at Chick Fil A.

She was so excited to get to go out to dinner just her and daddy and that place really did it up good. They had the tables lined with table clothes, had flowers on the table and each little girl got a flower, they had candles, a violinist and even got to take a ride around the shopping center in a limo! Shane said it was great they served you at the table like a real restaurant and all the little girls were all dressed up having a great time with their daddy's.

I will admit to be just a little jealous :) considering I can't remember the last date night I got and when ever it was it most definitely did not include any of those things listed above!!

And I just had to add this pic because Friday was her first full day of Kindergarten and she was such a big girl and did so great when I dropped her off and didn't miss a beat and went straight to coloring on her morning work. She had lots of stories of fun times when I picked her up, which I almost cried seeing her and running behind big brother to the car it really sank in I think at that moment she is no longer a baby but a school age big girl!


Samantha said...

I didn't know that Chicfila did that?!! Sounds so fun and she looked adorable with her dress on!