Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One thing (or eight) that kept us busy this summer

You've heard me go on and on about our crazy pack of dogs we have and love.  Well over the summer we figured 4 dogs just wasn't enough that we should add more to the mix.  I agreed because they only would be temporary residence of our house and come on who can resist brand new puppies and puppy breath? Also the last time we had a litter of puppies Wyatt was little bitty.
The black puppy in this picture is the mom of Wyatt's dog, Suzie

When we left for vacation we left a very pregnant Jet and when we returned we had these guys.
You counting? yep that was 8 more dogs around here
I know seriously how cute?

 But like all Labradors they didn't stay small for very long. Soon they were escaping their pool and causing all kinds of craziness around here.

Shane's sister took this cute guy

As you can guess the puppies were a big hit with the kids and lots of hours were spent outside in the kennel with them. The little girl I babysit was obsessed with them she talked puppy the moment she walked in the door every morning and her mom said she talked about puppies all weekend long too:)  I will say it is sad to see them go, but I also did a little happy dance with every departure, cause dang 8 puppies make a big mess:)  We do still have one hanging out with us for the time being, so that makes everyone happy.


Sasha said...

Oh my gosh, those puppies are ADORABLE! It's a good thing you've already found homes for them, because I might just drive to whereever you are and buy one if not!