Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordful Wednesday-many years ago

This past Christmas Shane and I had another celebration in the back of our minds. See he and I met on Christmas night and this past Christmas marked 16yrs that we had been together. So I got to thinking about something kinda funny, since I had just turned 16 a little while before we met I knew soon there would come a day that I had had him in my life longer than I had been without him in my life.

I spent 16yr 2months 7days with out him, not knowing that just the very next day I would meet the love of my life, my soul mate, my best friend.

When we met I didn't think "wow there he is, the man I will marry someday" but afterall I was only 16. We had our first date the very next day, and after a little while we were inseparable.

1996 my senior prom

We had our ups and downs over the next few years but we stuck it out and a little over 5yrs later we made it official.

Then we had kids and the real fun began!

Now with all that being said I need a favor from everyone in blog land that is reading this. Tomorrow he will be having shoulder surgery and will be at the mercy of his surgeon and anesthesiologist while I sit and wait. He wouldn't admit being nervous if he is but I will be, so think some good thoughts for us tomorrow. While I have almost had him in my life longer than I have been without him, it's not long enough!

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Crazy Me said...

Wow!! That is a huge thing, I mean really to think you have been with someone longer than you were without them. Love it! Will have him in my prayers for his surgery and praying for some peace while you wait. Keep us posted!

angie said...

Praying that the surgery went well and that he has as easy a recovery as possible!