Monday, January 24, 2011


Snow is becoming an ugly 4 letter word around here lately. We have had more snow days lately than I care to mention. Now I like snow to a certain extent, as in-in snows a pretty fluffy snow hangs around for a day or 2 then melts away. Lately though I am feeling like this isn't TN like I am use to. Snow is coming in inches and hanging around for days and days and shutting schools down for DAYS and DAYS. Today is the first Monday my son has gone to school since Dec. 6th!! Between Snow, Christmas break, and MLK. He has only gone to school for 10 days since Dec. 10th and one of those days he got out 2hrs early!

This is what is beginning to be the norm around here:

So what are you to do when you are surrounded by snow? Well play in it of course!

You start by making snow angels

then you build a snow man

yea yea he is kinda sad, but give us some slack we don't build many snowmen here in the south!

Then we were onto the dogs, they love the snow and act like fools

While all this is going on, I am wishing I was here:

of course without that bit of snow! Instead it would be a hot, sunny day!

then you head inside, sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate!

and for the rest of the day we sit warm inside and watch it snow and snow from the comfort of our warm jammies! Well until Daddy gets home that is, then you have to suit back up and play some more and jump on the four wheelers to do some donuts in the snow!

So yea they had fun so I guess it was worth it.

PS get this, they are calling for more this week!


Smoochiefrog said...

That looks like what we had here last winter. Maybe you'll get lucky and the next wave will bypass you a little bit.

Stay warm!

Crazy Me said...

Stupid snow. I am in agreement of having a strong dislike and it only did it here for about a week! Our dogs loved it too, it was fun to watch them. (from inside the warm house that is!)

Also, we have that same camo four wheeler!

Atleast your kids are probably enjoying not being in school! Maybe it will melts soon and bring back your sanity.

Samantha said...

well you are making the best of it and it looks like the kids are enjoying it!! I am over it too spring needs to hurry up