Thursday, October 27, 2011

What he does for fun

Shane is back home after a 4day mancation-yes I just made that word up ;)  but there really is no other word for it; it's not a real vacation-sure he is off work and yea he has NO kids to take care of but who the heck gets up at 4am on vacation? NOT this girl!  But if that is what he thinks is fun, more power to him.  I prefer warm sun on my skin and sand between my toes and sleeping til 8 or 9am.

He prefers this:

Yep that guy will be gracing the wall of his "man cave" by the end of next year.  Oh & my hubby who hates all things Facebook has finally made his appearance on there :) you can check him out on Backwoods Outfitters page.  The other guy on there is a friend that was on the trip and also shot a deer on the first day.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Arrington Vineyards

A couple weeks ago Shane's work had a company picnic at Arrington Vineyards.

It's a beautiful winery that Kix Brooks started a few years ago and while we didn't run into the "Brooks" of Brooks and Dunn we did have a great time.

It was such a pretty day there was lots of food and of course wine.  The kids ran around and discovered they loved to play corn hole, and believe it or not they even let me take some pics of them! and what's more unbelievable they acted like they liked each other long enough to actually get some good ones!

 This was the first time we had ever been, but I would love to go back as soon as the weather is nice and warm again.

Friday, October 7, 2011

My little hair bow model

So recently one of my good friends has decided to make a little extra money off of her favorite hobby & she has set up a brand new shop over at Etsy.

I am super excited about her new adventure, it is well known that Abby has lovely & long locks of blonde hair that I just happen to love to pin back with a great hair bow, barrette, or headband.  She said she was gonna need an extra model in addition to her oh so cute Anna Grace (because lets face it we all know how temperamental those models can be) and Abby graciously accepted the offer :)  So I got busy snapping some pics of Abby in the bows that she has already made for her.

Abby was sporting this on one of her first days of school!

I had to make her a shirt to match this one!

Gobble Gobble!!

You know how we love our baseball around here!

So go check out MooMoo's Boutique over on Etsy, she would love to have some new little girls to make bows for!  Also be sure to check her store out often as this is a new adventure for her and she is adding things daily.