Monday, January 24, 2011


Snow is becoming an ugly 4 letter word around here lately. We have had more snow days lately than I care to mention. Now I like snow to a certain extent, as in-in snows a pretty fluffy snow hangs around for a day or 2 then melts away. Lately though I am feeling like this isn't TN like I am use to. Snow is coming in inches and hanging around for days and days and shutting schools down for DAYS and DAYS. Today is the first Monday my son has gone to school since Dec. 6th!! Between Snow, Christmas break, and MLK. He has only gone to school for 10 days since Dec. 10th and one of those days he got out 2hrs early!

This is what is beginning to be the norm around here:

So what are you to do when you are surrounded by snow? Well play in it of course!

You start by making snow angels

then you build a snow man

yea yea he is kinda sad, but give us some slack we don't build many snowmen here in the south!

Then we were onto the dogs, they love the snow and act like fools

While all this is going on, I am wishing I was here:

of course without that bit of snow! Instead it would be a hot, sunny day!

then you head inside, sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate!

and for the rest of the day we sit warm inside and watch it snow and snow from the comfort of our warm jammies! Well until Daddy gets home that is, then you have to suit back up and play some more and jump on the four wheelers to do some donuts in the snow!

So yea they had fun so I guess it was worth it.

PS get this, they are calling for more this week!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Turning 5!

Today is a special day, my baby is turning 5! I can't believe it has already been 5 years, it's been 5 drama filled years, but they have been great and I wouldn't change anything for the world!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wrapping up 2010

Yes I know we are well into 2011 but I have been a bit busy around here and have never gotten to wrap up 2010.

So lets see.

Shane headed off to Arkansas back in at the beginning of December for his first of many duck hunting trips this year. Me and the kiddos headed to my dad's house for the weekend. It had been forever since we had made it up there, he lives about 2hrs away in the middle of nowhere, as in my cell phone doesn't work there nowhere! The kids and the dog I might add had a great time walking around in the woods, riding their 4wheelers and checking out all the wildlife.

Then a couple weeks later as soon as school was out for Christmas break Shane, Wyatt and another friend headed back down. Wyatt was so excited to get to go on his first official hunting trip. He had never been to AR and Shane was more than happy to take him and get to share another of his favorite things with Wyatt. They also took Suzie our yellow lab who is officially Wyatt's dog and this was her first hunting trip also, so Wyatt got to shoot his first duck and Suzie got to fetch it up for him! So glad Suzie is following in her Granddaddy's footsteps-he loved Arkansas and went many times with Shane.

Proud daddy

then we had the mass chaos of Christmas

New jammies and slippers opened on Christmas eve

We fed the reindeer and left cookies and milk for Santa and some crackers for Jingles and told him goodbye and we would see him next year. We had a great time hanging out with Jingles this year. He must have reported good things back to Santa cause the kids racked up!

yes my daughter got a pink gun ;) and no she won't shoot her eye out!

Mommy and Daddy also got them some presents

Daddy got his little girl a special necklace

then we cleaned some of mess up and got to working on breakfast, all the grandparents come over and we eat til we can't anymore and then more chaos of presents. I'll spare you the pictures but trust me it was crazy around here.

We were lazy the rest of the day and didn't even make it out of our jammies:)

Oh and that White Christmas I told you about

yea yea it aint much, but it was white and it was on Christmas!

A friend and I took the kiddos bowling the week after Christmas and they had a blast.

This picture hurts my heart. Why? Well both of those kiddos will be heading off to Kindergarten this coming fall! And this is all I can think of

Shane and I wrapped up the year with dinner out with some friends while the kiddos hung out with Gram, Wyatt was very proud of himself that he made it to midnight and got to see the ball drop.

I also have a new little one hanging out at my house 3days a week so some days get a little crazy around here, like her first day-I had one of Wyatt's friends over plus the other girl I watch plus the two who live here and I was in charge of 5 children!! But I will be back with more to post about, like the SNOW we got here today, and I mean actual snow. 2 days out of school this week so far.