Monday, August 30, 2010

Music Monday

I am jumping in with Shelly again on her Music Monday

I heard this song for the first time the other day and I fell in love with it. George Strait is my all time favorite singer. I love this guy, Shane says he's old enough to be my father but I think it is just cause he's jealous:) I have been a fan since way back. I am a country girl and although my days of wearing Wranglers and boots have long since passed I still have a spot in my heart for a man in Wranglers, boots and a hat. That's right folks, my jean wardrobe use to consist entirely of Wranglers:)

I have seen him in concert more than once, he was part of my bachelorette party and when Wyatt was a baby a couple girlfriends surprised me with tickets to go see him and OMG they were great tickets, I even got to shake his hand! There were other times but these were the best and since I have seen him so many times hubby will not take me to see him when he comes to Nashville this September:( it's ok I will eventually forgive him.

George Strait "The Breath you Take"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She asked for it, so here ya go

Not sure if any of you read the comments that are left, but if you do you may have read one from my friend mentioning needing a snake post. Well here ya go Liz

So over the past few weeks I have been wanting to make over our front bathroom aka the kids bathroom. More on that later, but the reason I mention this is I do believe this was the root of the problem. The problem being the home invader I walked in on last week. Yes you heard me right not someone but something had come in my home uninvited!

The morning started like any other-the alarm going off way to early, getting the boy fed and ready for school. Then off on the morning school run (oh the joys of car rider line). Pick up the little girl I keep on my way home. We arrive home it is cloudy and yucky outside so the house is pretty dark. I make my way into the living room I notice something in the hall, but seeing as this house is overrun with kid junk at first I chalk it up to a toy, but then I think "hey her toy snake isn't that big" I walk over and click the hall light on and OMFG there it lays, a snake! Being the girl that I am I screech:) not that I am afraid of snakes so much, I just believe they do NOT belong in my house. I yell at Abby for her and L to stay in the kitchen she climbs on a chair:) I am a bit panicky as to how I am gonna get this thing out, so being the resourceful woman I am I grab my trusty kitchen tongs and go back, but wait it is gone OMG. I move the vacuum there it is. I pick it up then make my way to the front door, struggle to get it open cause of course it can't be that easy I drop it, I freak some more, then finally I get it open and toss it on the front porch and the stupid thing tries to get back in the house!

teehee yes it is a baby snake but still it was in my house!

that is the step to the front door, he is trying to make his way back in!

my neighbor across the street must have thought I had lost my mind cause Abby and I were out there and I was snapping pictures of something, what he didn't know. It kinda freaked me out when I was trying to get it away from the front door and the thing started shaking it's tail like a rattlesnake would, yea I knew it was not one but at the time I had no clue what kind it was. I was laughing so hard and screaming he yelled "are you ok?" "yep just a snake in my house all is good"

Immediately I called my dad cause that is what you do when you are alone at home and have just found and unidentified snake in your hallway. Afterall he was only 1 1/2 hrs away surely had it been a poisonous one he would have come to my rescue and killed it (cause lord knows Shane wasn't coming he didn't even answer my text where I was screaming about a snake in the house). But luckily it was only a harmless king snake and NO I do NOT want to know where his brothers, sisters, Momma or especially Daddy are living! let's just say I will not be pulling the weeds in or around the front bushes anytime in the near future. Stop laughing Shane cause yes I do pull weeds. sometimes

Monday, August 23, 2010

Music Monday

I thought I would try something new today and jump in with Shelly & her Music Monday.

I've heard this song a few times but over the weekend while driving to Target with the kiddos in tow it came on, and it really hit home for me. See I have only lived in 2 places this house and my house growing up. So I really do have "The House that Built Me". It saw me thru alot of good and bad times and I have tons of memories there. Some better than others, for instance Shane and I's first kiss happened there.

My dad sold the house a few years ago and so now strangers live there. I have driven past it many times to show the kids and just to see what it looks like but have never stopped.

Oh and Wyatt also informed me while we were listening to it that he knows the little girl that plays Miranda in the video, so I had to watch the video to see her and yep I recognized her from his school.

Miranda Lambert "The House That Built Me"

Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to School-My big 3rd grader

Well he survived his first week of back to school. I am so excited that he got the teacher I requested and he also got in class with his BF-he and Will have been in the same class every year since Kindergarten. They are also playing on the same baseball team seriously these two boys are inseparable. I was so nervous this year would be the year they got separated, so glad I was wrong.

He would not let me take a picture of him at school so I snapped one in the driveway on the way out the door, it's the best I could do.

He is getting so big-sniff sniff

Hard to believe I will be posing them both for school pics next year since Abby will be a Kindergartner! OMG

Next week also is the start of "fall"ball I use the word "fall" loosely cause lord knows it is in NO way fallish here! With temps around 100 each day I foresee alot of hot grumpy kids. I also foresee us running around like chickens with our heads cut off since both will be playing and since Wyatt has moved up to kid pitch & is on the other side of the park. We somehow drew the short stick and they both have their first game at the same time and since Shane is the coach of Abby's team he obviously has to be there and I am planning on trying to watch both so looks like I better wear my running shoes:) Our schedule is gonna be crazy over the next few weeks, but we will manage we always do.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Berry picking and other radomness

I know I have mentioned our blueberry bushes before and how much we love them, but this summer we have a serious overabundance of them. The kids actually enjoy picking them, well enjoy may be a stretch but they will do it. I just tell them they eat them so they need to pick them.

The other day Abby actually willingly went out to pick them and I couldn't help but snap a pic, she was hilarious looking.

don't you love how she is rocking the hat and pink boots?

We have eaten our weight in blueberries this summer mainly in pies or pancakes but I am still putting them up in the freezer. Yesterday Shane mentioned making jelly so I decided to try my hand at it and OMG let me tell ya it is so good. It was so easy I would like to make some more and give it out and make everyone believe I have slaved over this jelly when really the hardest part of it was not burning my hand while tightening the lid, which is exactly why I had my manly hubby to do it for me:) oh and if you like blueberries and want a fantastic pie or jelly recipe let me know I promise you won't regret it.

PS It is freaking HOT here, I try to not leave the comfort my AC during the hours of 8am and 6pm. My inside dog can not be out for more than 30seconds without having a heat stroke, he is content to lay on the kitchen floor all day without moving.

This face doesn't dig the heat

PPS The boy will find out who his teacher is on Wednesday and it is Back To SCHOOL on Monday! can I get a woohoo j/k, sorta. I do feel bad that his summer vacation is already over but I think deep down he is bored and ready to go back.

PPPS he finally lost another tooth after over a year of not loosing one and let me tell you the tooth fairy has lost her freaking mind she leaves him $5! wth where was my $5 per tooth? unfortunately his teeth tend to fall out in pairs and another is loose so it is only a matter of time before that crazy fairy is scraping up some money in the middle of the night so as not to disappoint the toothless boy.