Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We are suffering a great loss right now. Now some of you might not quite understand our feelings but they are real and they hurt like hell.

Today we had to make one of those decisions that you never want to make. A decision that we have known was coming for a little while, but we were just happy to have a little more time to let him help us make the decision. Today was the day, the day he would hurt no more. The day he would get to eat bacon for breakfast and then most of daddy's bagel. The last ride in daddy's truck.

Drake was our baby before we had babies. We got him way back before we were even married. He was so little bitty.

He LOVED to go hunting with Shane and would whine like crazy in the morning as soon as he saw lights on in the house. This past winter he wasn't able to hunt anymore and it broke Shane's heart to go get Jet out and have to leave him behind barking because despite his age he still wanted to get out there.

He had lost his hearing, well sometimes that is, I think alot of it was old age stubbornness or selective hearing. He may have been Shane's dog, but he has always loved everyone. Given the opportunity he was a real momma's boy and even when he was big would try to crawl into my lap. He has always been tolerant of all the new dogs, knowing in his heart he would always be number one. He has fathered many and thankfully his legacy will live on thru Suzie our yellow girl, her mother is Drake's daughter.

He will be greatly missed by all of us. Wyatt is old enough now to understand and was heart broken, Drake has been a fixture in his life. This past summer the dogs became Wyatt's job he fed them everyday, I loved looking out the door to see him standing out there just petting him. Shane is a not an emotional guy and seeing his pain over this has been very hard. But now I know he is chasing more ducks than he knows what to do with:)

his last hunting trip

Just a couple weeks ago when it snowed

Monday, February 22, 2010

What a difference a week makes

Maybe mother nature reads my blog and finally took a hint from all my moaning and groaning over this terrible winter weather we have had around here lately. I know how I said I love the snow but we got a real good one a few weeks ago and that was enough for me.

It seems like we were destine to suffer for weeks and weeks in cold, snowy weather. After all this is our past few weekends:




but gosh were we in for a very pleasant surprise this past weekend. OMG it was absolutely beautiful, ya know the kind of weather that gives you a serious case of spring fever! We spent the weekend outside and for once we were not bundled like the marshmallow puff man or the little brother from Christmas Story.

We went to the greenway yesterday to get in a little exercise, Shane ran (5 miles can we say OMG!) and the kids rode their bikes well Abby rode hers most of the way until the chain fell off and I pushed it the rest of the way back!

this is crazy look at the difference in wardrobe!

Notice Wyatt way off in the distance she couldn't quite keep up with him

She loves her bike and daddy has to get it fixed ASAP so she can get back out there as soon as it is nice again because guess what? the weather today-notsomuch

and I actually thought the boy would finally get a full week of school in since afterall we didn't have any snow on the ground. Well that is till he woke up with a bad fever. Dang can't a girl get a break?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordful Wednesday-some shopping time with mommy

The other day Shane and I decided to divide and conquer. He took Wyatt with him to some dog thing and Abby and I went shopping and ran some errands. We had a fun time and she is really starting to like shopping with mommy, which brings me more happiness than I can put into words. We wanted a snack so we went into the pretzel store, right outside of it there is this big fountain and she just thought it was great and wanted to pose for a picture which also makes me happier than you know.

want more? go see Angie

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yet another day off from school

I swear here lately Wyatt is out of school more than he is in! They were out for snow today AGAIN! so it got me to thinking just how much he has been off so I had to look and it amazed me so I had to share

I am gonna break it down by week:
Dec 14th-4 full days Friday was a 2hr day but they partied so it doesn't count
next week no school xmas break
next week no school xmas break
next week-2 full days went back Tuesday; Thursday and Friday they were out for snow
next week-5 full days WOW!
next week-4 full days Monday was a holiday
next week-4 full days Friday out for snow
next week-2 full days Mon & Tue no school snow, Wed went 2 hrs late
last week-5 full days WOW!
which brings us to this week-so far no school yesterday it was a holiday and today no school for snow!!
and next week they get out early one day

I just hope we don't end up having to make up snow days some counties around here are already out of days and some are already over the allowed days.

I am glad he is smart and still seems to be learning something even with the lack of actual full days at school! I need him to be at school during the day for his sanity and mine. 4 kids all day long is to many when it is cold outside and there is nothing to do.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines day and they say the darndest things

it snowed and my dog is out there barking at snow flakes I think he has finally snapped from this cold yucky weather. but anyways

We had a babysitter and got to go out child free yesterday. We ate Mexican food I drank a very large margarita and we saw an actual adult movie, it was great. You may say Mexican food really for Valentines day? but after you have spent as many Valentines days as we have it really is just about getting to spend some QT together.

Then it was all over and we were forced to pick up our kids so much for the quiet time which is really our definition of good QT.

After we got home Abby asked Shane for something to drink it went a little something like this:

Abby: "daddy can I have some juice please"
Me: in my head "did she actually say please"
Shane: pouring her some juice
Abby: "Daddy remember sometimes when you drink your orange juice you get crap in it?"
Me: "what"
Abby: repeats what she said:)
Shane and I together: "Um yea that is not something you say" and I turn around to hide the fact that I am laughing cause lets face it, it was hilarious.
Shane: "just because daddy says something doesn't mean it is right for you to say it."

What was she talking about? Well about 2 weeks ago maybe more we were sitting down to eat our normal big weekend breakfast when Shane takes a drink out of his glass of OJ and discovers that his glass had something in it and he was all mad and said "It would be nice to drink my glass of OJ without a bunch of crap in it"! there ya go proof my children get their foul mouth from their father not me, and proof that I am the better parent:)

it is also proof that we need a new dishwasher!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Nothing major going on around here just alot of cold.

No snow but it was like 18 here this morning when I HAD to get out and take son to school what is up with that? I hate cold weather! we have gotten an actual big snow this year that my kids got to play in for more than one day so I am ready for warm weather.


Speaking of warm weather I have been looking long and hard trying to decide on a beach house for this summer's vacation. Yes I know it is only February, but did I mention how cold it is here? I want to be there not here! like now! July is WAY to far away.


My computer made it back to me, but I still HATE all things EMachines. They did have some sort of customer service guy call the other day to check on it, I told him it was currently working but is still yet to been seen how long that lasts. I told him their customer service department sucks but he didn't really seem to care, he gave me the "I am sorry for your inconvenience" speech. Why do they even bother, why pay someone to do this if they don't really care?


speaking of my new computer I transferred files from the old computer to this and quickly realized I have TONS of pics on my computer. I really need to get some sort of back up device. Especially with the untrustworthy computer I have sitting in my lap. For now I guess I will just upload them on both computers, but what do you do? Please don't tell me you just keep your fingers crossed that nothing happens. I am proof computers die and you loose stuff! lots of stuff! precious pics of your oh so tiny and cute baby that you took but since you took thousands of them you didn't print them all.


All those pics need to be printed right?? I have been on a mission since I got this new computer to organize the pictures and make sure and try to get as many pics printed as possible. I have been skipping around the world wide web trying to find cheap prints to print these tons of pics. which brings me to this.

Swaggrabber Sheri who happens to be one of my favs let me onto these:

Snapfish has 50 free prints for new users click here

Kodak also gives 50 free prints for signing up. I did this one and got 50 prints for 1.99 shipping.

Artscow happens to be one of my favorite sites they are constantly giving me free credits for things. Prints, books, mouse pads, key chains etc. Click here and I will get credits for you signing up and you will get 1200 free prints credits & 3 8"x8" photo books & other great photo gifts credits. They do ship out of Hong Kong so sometimes the shipping is a bit slow, so keep this in mind. but who cares when you are getting something free or just paying shipping which isn't that bad.


Survivor starts tonight and this makes me happy! is that sad? but my kids love this show yes they watch reality tv don't judge! anyways we all watch it together and it makes for some great family QT!


Baseball starts soon, can you believe this? Abby is SOOOO excited to play this year. Shane will be coaching her 4yr old team so prayers are needed for his sanity:) his assistant coach took over the big boys. Wyatt and his son have been playing together forever, ever since they were wee little 4yr olds. Guess it needs to hurry up and get warmer outside so they can start swinging the bat out back.

told ya it was alot of randomness

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Angels!

So like I said it snowed-ALOT! the most snow around here in about 7yrs.

Remember how the last time it "snowed" all Abby wanted was to make a snow angel? Well they got their snow angels

I can't remember the last time snow lasted this long. They played from Friday to Sunday and even got out for a couple minutes Monday although it was mainly wet, mushy stuff. There were hrs of sledding, four wheeler riding and snow ball fights.

It was so icy Saturday you could sled on pretty much anything. We have a hill at the end of our street and the skim board made for an awesome sled.

This was just her being pushed down the little hill on our front yard but she slid halfway across the yard.

She was yelling for daddy to watch her, he had already gone in after his sledding incident landed him soaking wet and in pain, yes we are to old for sledding and found out the hard way.

We even went redneck and pulled the kiddos behind the four wheeler on the sled

well that is until the incident:)

*No this is not right after the incident this was a bit later after she had gotten over it and decided that she wouldn't let a little booboo slow down her fun.

yep looks like she was in a fight, when she came up I saw blood and immediately thought OMG she broke her nose! luckily that was not the case and she just lost a little skin in a few spots. Hey at least she had on a helmet.

On Sunday we dug out the beach toys and made snow castles

Monday they both had dentist appts early and while driving there it was SO pretty right around here. All the fields were covered in snow and all the trees were covered in ice and since it was sunny it all sparkled.

But after this many days of snow I totally see why all you guys up north get so tired of it. Wet, snow covered shoes are gonna be the death of me. Well that and no school! Yep he was out Friday, Monday and Tuesday and I may have just sent him regardless tomorrow had they tried to close down. They are going 2hrs late which is actually pretty good since I get to sleep in a bit and still get him out of the house for a few hrs.

Get this they say it might snow again the first of next week! but of course that is still enough days away that if it doesn't they can totally make up some sort of excuse of why it isn't their fault.