Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Great deals and saving money

I have been talking on here some about my money saving trips to the grocery and CVS, I truly love checking out and seeing how much I have saved. Publix will always print on the receipt how much you saved between coupons and buying their sale items. A week ago I saved $40.53 and last weekend it was $59.92!!

My favorite deal from the grocery has to be my razors. Ladies I know you know how freaking expensive those things can be especially in the summer when you actually are shaving your legs on a regular basis and hence going thru alot of them.

So last week they had Schick Quattro razor/trimmer on sale BOGO. It was originally $10.99/pc but I paid $10.99 for two of them, THEN I had $8.00 worth of coupons:) so in the end I paid $2.99 for both of them that was a savings of $18.99!!!

Then onto the razor refills the 4ct box is normally $10.99. They were also on sale $8.99/pc PLUS they were BOGO. I bought 2 last week then got a rain check since they were out and bought 4 more this week! I paid $26.97, THEN I had $20 in coupons:) so in the end I paid $6.97 a savings of $58.97!!

So for $9.96 I got this

and saved a total of $77.96 can you say great deal? and people say Publix is pricey.

I did my run to CVS the other day I wish I still had my receipts but unfortunately I threw them away, but I did get some great stuff and great deals and still have some extra care bucks left over for this week. You really need to look into the whole CVSing thing.

Now onto my deal of the century from Target! Last week I had to run there for something what I don't remember, but the reason really doesn't matter because we all know I LOVE me some Target. I was just cruising the isles with 3 kids in tow who believe it or not were behaving pretty well. We had been on the look out for a deal on a pool and were waiting for the big sale. I have tried the last couple of yrs with no luck. That was until Friday! I see a pool on the endcap and walk up and see that it is marked down 50% $499 down to $249. I start trying to get a hold of Shane but with zero luck. I am too afraid to walk away as I think there is another lady stalking the pool waiting to pounce the moment I walk away:) the baby starts fussing, I am getting fussy since Shane is either busy or ignoring me! Finally I give up on his cell and call his work. He says yea it's a good deal but ask if they can give me a better deal. I hate the idea but agree. I was SOOO lucky that there just happened to be a worker on the next isle and I didn't have to risk the other lady pouncing when I went in search of someone. He comes over I begin my wheeling and dealing he says "well let me scan to make sure the price is marked right" much to my delight it was in fact NOT marked correct.

It was a $499 pool for only $124!! OMG can you believe that deal? I couldn't either and told him immediately I wanted it but it wouldn't fit in the mini could I come later and pick it up and he said sure no problem. Woohoo we now have a pool

So for $124 I got this 16x48 pool with everything but chemicals-it has a cover, skimmer, vacuum, ladder etc!

We can not wait for next summer since it is already late in the year it will not be put up this year unfortunately for my kids who have to look at it in the garage for the next 8mths:)!

So who else is ready to jump on the money saving train, afterall the less you spend on groceries and non fun stuff the more you can spend on fun stuff like SHOES!

In training

As alot of you know we are a hunting family-well he hunts I just cook it:) Wyatt got to go on his first hunt last year and can't wait to go back this year. Well warm up for deer season has began here and just like pretty much everything else daddy and Wyatt do Abby has to be a part of it.

The other day Shane and Wyatt got their bows out and Abby wanted in on the fun. Shane got out Wyatt's old bow and strung it up for her. She was hilarious and loved every minute of it. I try my hardest to make her a girly girl but I must realize that she will be more of a tomboy if daddy and Wyatt have anything to do with it:)

Giving his girl a quick lesson

notice she hit the target

Here is daddy's boy doing it old school because that is how they roll-just a stick and string for them, none of all that craziness you see these days.

I promise we aren't as redneck as this looks:) we just love living off the land. You would be amazed how much grocery money you save when you don't ever buy red meat from the grocery because you have a freezer full of venison.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

Abby loves to talk on the phone-guess she has been watching mommy a bit to much. The other day we were running to the grocery and she had to call daddy:)

PS if you enlarge this picture and notice my daughter's upper lip no I don't take her out dirty she was being bad the night before at the ball park and fell while running hense the scraped upper lip and no she didn't learn her leason and was running again and fell and busted up her elbow!

And I am not sure if I am breaking the rules but I am gonna put a second pic. We started fall ball and I just have to say he had to be one of the cutest ballers out there that night:)

This year ball is a little more nerve racking see this is his 6th season playing since he plays spring and fall ball, but up until now it has been coach pitch/tball meaning if they had 2 strikes you could put up the tee and let them hit off it. Now it is an all new ball game he is now exclusively coach pitch! Meaning 3 strikes your out! and that is just makes me SO nervous.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

A little redecorating around the casa

I decided a little while back we needed a little redo on all our pics. See we had spent a good amount of money on having some wonderful pictures made of the kiddos and half of them weren't displayed.

We took all the old pictures down with lots of sadness since they were of the kids when they were babies and itty bitty and it is just hard not to see them and be reminded of their once tinyness.

Have you seen those quotables that you can put on the wall? They are just a sticker type thing that you stick where you want them. Well I got 2 of them, one for the living room and one for the bedroom. When I saw the one that says "Life is too short to drink bad wine" on a bloggy friend's wall I also wanted it but hubs says 3 is too many, I am still not sure if I agree and may still go get it when I find a new piece to hang on the wall in the kitchen.

Well we finally got the last of the pictures framed and put up in the living room and hall. I am really liking how they turned out. This is on the big wall in the living room the tv is right there under it and that tv would be a fat nice flat screen one had hubs truck not just crapped out on us and cost us more that I care to mention on here!

If you can't read the quote is says "All Because Two People Fell in Love" now come on how could I not do that one:)

These two on are either side of our window

Wyatt with all his big boy cuteness

OMG I love the green chair and her BLUE eyes in this one!

Here is the mantel, I plan on getting a family picture done this fall and putting a big one framed over the mantel, until then it will stay ducks:) yes I said ducks

Here are two that are in the hallway:

last year at the beach

Me and the hubs looking all hot together, yes I mean heat it was like 90 that September day and he was in a tux and we were in an old little church with NO A/C

And here is the one above our bed, it says "Real Love Stories never have endings"

I plan on hanging a wedding picture somewhere near it, just trying to figure out where. I am not that great at this whole redecorating thing but we try!

Friday, August 14, 2009

BTS is harder on a mom

Well it is official he is back to school as of Wednesday he is a 2nd grader! I am having a hard time believing it. Where has the time gone? It doesn't really seem like yesterday he was so itty bitty and helpless.

But it also doesn't seem like he should be 7 and off to the 2nd grade

I am really coming to the realization that this sweet little momma's boy

is gonna all to soon want less to do with momma. I already see it some, if we drive separate he never wants to ride with me always daddy.

He has already gotten bit by the love bug, not saying he is in love or anything but the girls have been on his radar since last year and for a mom that is just HARD. Especially when she was a 4th grader and he was just in 1st-talk about robbing the cradle!

But just look at him with all his cute boyness, I totally understand how the girls could just get all giggly about him. I will think about not hating them maybe.

I really have high hopes for this year, I got the teacher that I requested and am thrilled. She is young and seems to really have it together and seems to be super sweet with them. His BF is in his class again this year and that is a big plus for us and them. They are so well behaved together and the last 2yrs have been the two best boys in class, which I find so hard to believe when I see them playing around here acting like crazy animals.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vacation recap

So we did the whole OBX thing and the kids had a fun time but dang that was a long time in the car!

It started something like this

thanks in part to us getting to leave in the afternoon after a long day of playing, she slept for a little over an hour and it was nice and peaceful. We stopped after a while of driving and stayed the night in a hotel and woke and drove the rest of the way in the next day.

It has been years since I have been on a beach other than those full of fluffy white sand and nice pretty blue/green waters that you can float in for hours (which is exactly what we do). The ocean in NC is cold, I mean like wow cold and the waves OMG the waves.

Friday we went to the horse beach, which has wild horses and you can drive on it! The kids thought that was super cool and when a car gets stuck and you can sit and watch them dig themselves out it is lots of fun. But it is weird to have to worry & watch for cars and pray that one of the crazy a$$ drivers that are going incredibly to fast on a beach won't run my kid over while frolicking in the sand.

Abby loved riding the waves at the horse beach on Friday

It took a bit more convincing on Wyatt's part-he wasn't a huge fan of the not warm like FL waters, but he did make it in and then had tons of fun riding with daddy and playing with his cousin.

Saturday we went to the beach at the house and the waves once again were just crazy, Abby didn't make it far into the water that day because it was all I could do to get myself out with out drowning. There were lots of wardrobe malfunctions with the bikini, and a few times of getting knocked off my feet and scurrying back up to get a breath of air and try to not get knocked down again by the next humungo wave! I boogie boarded like I had never before, on one wave I got airborne not once but twice! It was lots of fun though.

In the evenings we played in the pool and hot tub or as Abby would say "hot pool"

They had races on the beach-which abby held her own against the boys, the girl is fast!

they dug holes

and they destroyed sand castles that were built with such tlc

oh and they got to drive a golf cart which let me tell ya was a hold on for your life ride:)

Abby had the looking cute on the beach thing locked in yet again

We also forced everyone to pose for nice pictures the last night but more on that painful experience later.

We were so glad we made the trip to Duck it was a short but sweet trip where tons of memories were made between cousins that don't get to see each other nearly enough. We hope to do the whole beach thing with them again, maybe we can convince them to come check our favorite spot in the sand out next year.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Back from the beach and no one was left behind

We had an awesome time on Beach '09 part dos.

We survived the extremely long 12hr drive yesterday with only one minor freak out and I quote "I will pull this car over" (and yes the car did get pulled over btw!). But after that one minor set back we were good the rest of the time. Both actually slept some and at one point both were asleep at the same time!!!

Lots of fun times were had by all, the big boys got along great and had a blast hanging out together. The other two were just pests to them most of the time and Wyatt and M tried to avoid them at all costs.

Lots of pictures were taken of course, some tears were shed and bribes made in an effort to get that one perfect shot of everyone acting as though they loved each other and were happy to be there. I hope between the two cameras and lots snapped there are a couple good ones, we shall see when I get a chance to get them all on my computer and get the CD from SIL.

So I will be back with more details.

Oh and BTW it is also Back To School time here! We met Wyatt's teacher today and I am SOOOO excited to say he got the one I requested and his BF is also in there. These 2 boys have been together K & 1st and now 2nd they will be crushed I think if they get separated, I was SO nervous. So starting Wednesday we are back on a schedule that requires me to be somewhat presentable and out the door by 7:15! ugh I hate this school routine.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am slacking

Yes I am a slacker, I have nothing. Not even a cute picture from this week NOTHING.

Well other than we are blowing this joint again! We are out of here tomorrow and back to the beach, not our beach but a beach none the less. We are driving to the Outer Banks NC to meet up with SIL and her family.

We have never been but I am very excited to let the kids see another beach and ocean. Abby has been 4 times but always to the same place, Wyatt has been 6 times 5 to the same place and once to 3 beaches and 2 oceans in one week:) yea it was a bad trip thanks to Hurricane Ivan.

We are doing the drive there in 2 days home in 1 day I may just loose my mind.

miss me K