Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How we spend our evenings

So most evening this is where we can be found

Daddy with his two girls

he wants everyone to be a ball player

After finally getting a hammock stand we are out there all the time, lounging in the shade of the tree or after the sun goes down.

Because it has been SOOO unbearably HOT here lately, evenings is the only time you can be out without getting a heat stroke. Last Friday Shane mowed the grass in the dark because it was so HOT.

Did I mention it was hot here? It is sad when they say that it is gonna be 88 and that makes us happy cause it is cool:)

Oh yea BTW 11 days til I am lounging with an ocean breeze on my face!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rocking out Guitar Hero style

Shane has been wanting Guitar Hero for a while and I almost got it for him for Father's Day, that is till he found some baseball glove on Ebay that he "just had to have".

Well the other day he found one for a Very cheap price and got it. He broke it in the other night and since we have been a rocking out around here:)

Wyatt got all excited tonight when he found the "Transformer" song. I have to admit he does pretty good, now I don't see him getting any bookings anytime soon but give him a bit and he will have this one mastered.

It was cracking me up watching him

Speaking of Transformers-we plan on going to see this tomorrow with Wyatt, he is so excited as we have be anticipating the arrival of this movie since the end of the first one!

Friday, June 26, 2009

A world in mourning

So I had planned this great post bragging on my hubs GREAT and I mean GREAT luck with his $2 scratch off ticket. It was gonna include a picture of the pile o money he won (maybe with him rolling around in it!). But then I got on the computer yesterday and was surprised by the news. Unfortunately we have no fun, fun plans for the Alabama roll of cash in his wallet, but instead it will be paying for tires for his truck. Yes I know how exciting!

It really does suck that we have to buy them I would have much rather blown it on some clothes or some other random junk that we don't really need, like a big fat TV to hang on my wall.

So instead I am ruling it a day of hair feathering and sequined glove wearing. As a tribute I will post this. This was performed by some teachers at the end of the year talent show.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend of fun

Well it's Monday again and time for my weekend wrapup and back to reality of kids, kids, and more kids.

So my weekend got off to an early start when I had the Friday off. I dropped Wyatt at nature camp and arranged for him to go home with a friend to swim afterwards. Then went to hubs work and dropped Abby and suddenly found myself kidless!! So what's a girl to do when she doesn't have any kids? Why go to the Dr of course, yea that Dr.

Um yea not what kind of day off I was looking forward to, but the day did get better. After picking up some lunch I headed out shopping to kill some time until my appointment for my massage!!!

Yep remember me telling you about the massage I got as a birthday gift way back in October? I finally went and got it. It was really good although I did think I was gonna have to stop her a few different times because it was a bit ticklish in spots:)

Saturday we headed up the interstate with a friend to a local community center outdoor pool area. It was a ton of fun we spent about 5 hrs there the kids were exhausted but still didn't want to leave.

Yesterday we woke up left hubs in the bed to sleep in (even though there was NO sleeping in for mommy on my day but whatever). We made a yummy breakfast of Monkey bread, bacon and eggs.

The kids loved making the bread, Wyatt is a pro at it since he makes it alot with his Gram, but this was just my 2nd time making it. I have to brag a bit and tell ya it came out super yummy.

We added nuts to ours

Thanks to Good and Crazy for sharing this recipe that she found from A Southern Fairytale

Then we headed to his dad's house for some fun in the sun. My kids are like little fish and love the water. Abby has been jumping off the side since last year but yesterday graduated to jumping off the diving board!! Wyatt was perfecting his cannon balls and getting thrown in the air by Shane.

We were pretty waterlogged after the weekend of water and today we are just staying inside and enjoying the AC. It is crazy hot out there.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Just wanted to take a minute to wish a happy daddy's day to the great daddies in my life.

Thanks for being a great Dad, Pa and Pappy!

Wyatt has great men setting great examples for him. I hope that one day he will grow up to be just as wonderful of a dad that any of these three men are!

Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun with Sherbert

What do you get when you combine Sherbert, Orange juice, and Sprite?

Two very happy kiddos that may just go back to their room and happily (and quietly I might ad) watch a movie so that mommy and daddy can watch Clint Eastwood in "Gran Torino". Which I highly recommend BTW.

This recipe was brought to you by "Your Big Backyard" magazine. Which I also recommend for the little ones. Wyatt has been getting it since I guess last summer, thanks to Pa. He really enjoys it and it always has fun little projects and recipes in it. Be sure to click on the link and visit their site it has some fun things to do and printable coloring pages.

We saw this recipe the other night and they had to try it out. The original recipe was: Rainbow Sherbert (we used orange sherbert), Ginger ale (Sprite here), and Orange Juice. I think they called it a tall giraffe.

Anyways it is a fun and super easy treat to make for the kiddos and who knows maybe you will get to sit down and watch yourself a movie.

This is also brought to you in part by GoodNCrazy, see she is on a mission to find fun things to keep her and her kiddos sane this summer and I have to jump in also. Be sure to check her out she has some good ones on there already.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy Summer Days

School has been out for a little while now and we have be busy keeping busy. I have been all over the place, all four kids in tow!

Last week Wyatt had a 3 day baseball camp hosted by a local high school. He had alot of fun and said he learned alot and wants to go again next year.

On Wednesday after camp we went to a friends house to swim oh yea I took all the kids:) Wyatt has really turned into a little fish this year and was all about the pool, Abby is doing great and loved floating in the ring.

This past weekend we stayed busy with visiting some old friends and their oh so cute puppies. My son is still trying to convince me he needs one of these. I think not so much, but who wins this battle is still in the air.

We then went with some friends to a baseball game and watched some great fireworks afterwards.

Wyatt had a blast on the velcro wall before the game, it was hilarious to watch Shane throw him up and he just stick there:)

Sunday I spent some time shopping with and without my kids. Daddy took pitty on them and me and came to pick them up after a phone call from me threatening to leave them on the side of the road if they didn't shape up quickly, luckily he got there just in time! Speaking of shopping Old Navy is having a big ol daddy sale as in everything for your man is 1/2 off and I mean everything. WTH is up with them not doing this for women on Mother's day???

This week Wyatt is at nature camp every day from 9-12 he is having a blast and loving it, I am just glad to get him out of the house some more. We are planning more trips to Target, the library and the splash park next week so stayed tuned to my crazy tells of hauling 4 kids around and hopefully not loosing anyone along the way.

Friday, June 12, 2009

On the count down!!

We are officially on the count down to Beach 09! Can you hear the excitement in my voice?

Exactly one month from today not only will we be headed to our favorite spot but also my little man will be turning 7 years old. He is super excited about getting to wake at darkthirty and hit the road for 9hrs on his birthday but hey it will be worth it getting to celebrate at the beach again. See for the last few years he has been at the beach on his birthday, I wish I was so lucky.

So trust me I will continue to remind everyone that we are on the countdown, and try to remind myself that I will have to be in a bikini in public soon so I should step away from the brownies that are calling my name from the kitchen! YES you heard me right I will be wearing a bikini I ain't ashamed of this birthed two kiddos body. Plus I don't know anyone down there except for the hubs and lets face it he knows what it all looks like and he still chooses to love me so what do I care? and a tan makes it all look better and trust me tanning is something I will be doing alot of, I try to soak up as many rays as possible.

Also while I soak up some of those rays one of these will never be far away from my hand!:)

And while at the beach sometimes you must improvise

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wrapping up the baseball season

Saturday we went and watched the finals in the playoffs for our baseball league. Wyatt's best friend's team was in it unfortunately they lost, but we still celebrated at their house that night with drinks and good food:)

That made for 2 late nights for me after a fun Friday night with some old (as in I have known them for forever, not their age) friends. It was fun to get together and make fun of our crazy teenager days and agree that we are all in for it when our kids become teens! We realized that night that Saturday was 13yrs to the day that we graduated high school. I couldn't tell you the last time the 6 of us were all together at the same time. Life tends to get in the way.

This Sunday was our team party and the official end to the spring '09 Nationals baseball season.

It was a gorgeous warm weekend here and the kids loved the slip and slide, water balloons and basically anything that would hold water and allow them to get any adult soaked that they could-which included me BTW.

Wyatt loved his trophy from coach

A little something for the "Oh So Special Coach"

Next spring will be Abby's turn to play since she will be 4 and they start Tball here at 4, we and she are so excited she wants to practice all the time. Those boys are gonna be in for a rude awakening when this little girl gets out on the field:)

Don't let her cuteness fool you or she will take full advantage of you and make you pay!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Rewind

I know some say Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer and that was just the other day, but my summer has officially started.  Especially after the weekend of 90+ degrees!

Wyatt is OUT of school!! This is awesome for many reasons but mainly because it means NO more car rider line. I have spent 2hrs of my day, 5days of week for the last 8mths going to and from his school and it has gotten OLD. Wednesday was his last day and Friday we picked up his report card and he was officially a 2nd grader!

And if you will bare with me for a minute while I brag on my boy. 

He has done so well in school this year and has learned tons. From sorta reading by just sounding out words to reading outloud very well and comprehending everything he reads. He has gotten into chapter books and just amazes me more and more every day with all his knowledge. He has also done very well with spelling and math-thank God he got his daddy's math skills and not mine!

Check this out:

Do you see all those E & S's? Those are equal to A & B's. Well in the reading, language arts, and math because they get real grades on real tests in these subjects. He also went the entire school year without ever getting a behavior mark he and his best friend were the only 2 in his class to do so. He also did this last year.

Ok enough bragging on school onto bragging on baseball:)

We finished up baseball, unfortunately earlier than we would have wished but the win just wasn't in the cards for us that day. The kids loved getting medals for their outstanding season though. 

I know I have mentioned Shane coaching Wyatt's team many times and how proud of him I am but this season again really drove it home for us. Being at the ballpark for the past 3 years spring and fall you really get to see some of the other coaches and how they behave out there and what type of example they set for the kids. I will leave it at I am VERY proud of the example Shane is setting for my son and all the kids on his team. I hope all the parents on our team feel the same way about him.

We will definitely miss hanging out at the park.  Hopefully fall ball will hurry up and get here.  Oh and we have next spring to look forward to having 2 kids playing:) yep Abby will be 4 and old enough to start tball and trust me she can not wait!

While at the game Abby and one of her good little friends had been fighting with each over the buckle on B's stroller:) I know of all things. Anyways Abby ended up with a finger in her eye and wouldn't stop complaining. The Dr says she only has to wear the patch for a couple of days and after that they will recheck it but hopefully she will be just fine.

Ok so I am just joking Amber I know you read this and I couldn't resist:)

After Abby had a nap we headed to the lake to take the boat out. Abby loves the boat and you can't go fast enough for her she just yells faster! The kids had a blast catching or trying to catch fish. Most of the fish got the upper hand and were just getting free meals of all you can eat worms! But there were a few little guys that we managed to land.

No Abby is not afraid of fish and yes I put the worm on the hook for her. I can't be teaching my girl that worms and fish are yuck, if she is gonna survive this house full of outdoors peeps she has to deal with it. Well I will give her a pass on spiders because everyone know those things are hideous!!

It was just a day spent mostly around the house working and playing outside. The kids played in the pool most of the day.

And Shane and I worked in the garden, we picked and shucked more peas than I care to count, but hey it is worth it,  I think.  Now we are back to Monday and back to the daily grind.