Monday, April 27, 2009

It sounded like a good idea

Let me just start by saying what I am about to share I do not agree with nor do I disagree with. But with that being said I will also say I spend ALL DAY long with them giving in to their every need. It is always what they want to watch, what they want to eat, what they want, ALL DAY. So then why in the world would I spend what few precious hours of alone time I have sleeping with them??

this is why:

OMG is this not one of the sweetest things ever? I mean I just want to squeeze them they are so freaking cute.

So like I mentioned daddy was gone and while daddy is away the children will play or atleast get to sleep in the bed with mommy!

I had let Abby sleep with me on Saturday and Sunday night and when Wyatt asked Monday night I felt bad saying no.

I mean seriously what was I thinking? I know what I was thinking, I thought how sweet it would be to cuddle with them all night long, listening to their sweet breaths, watch them dream big dreams-whatever.

Then this is the thanks I get

Um yea so where am I suppose to sleep??

It was a LONG night- I got elbowed in the mouth once, kicked many times, got cold when he who was in the middle decided he needed out from under the covers-more than once, listened to him grind his teeth and just generally was uncomfortable most of the night.

But then I woke up to this:
yep they changed positions sometime in the early morning hours

So then I decided it was ALL worth it-I guess

Weekend wrapup

Our weekend technically got started on Friday since there was no school. It was a beautiful, sunny and HOT weekend here in TN. Not sure what happened to spring but 89 seems more like summer to me.

Friday we enjoyed the shade in the back yard

Abby is all about the baby she just loves to love on her-poor thing sometimes I think if she could talk she would tell her to back off!

Saturday of course was baseball time; thankfully we had a 9:30 game since it was so hot.

and if I can just take a minute to really brag on my little man. He and daddy have really been working on his hitting and are even going to the batting cages. Well Friday evening's trip must have really done something because he had two awesome hits from daddy pitching and did not have to hit off the tee (6yr old they can hit off the tee or be pitched to but it is still 3 strikes your out either way). The best part though was his 2nd up to bat! He got a HOMERUN I was SOOOO freaking proud of him. This is his first of the season (hopefully not last). The team we played on Saturday was all business, no kiddy stuff for them-so the fact that he made it around all the bases was awesome!! Oh and he got an RBI with it also.

After the game we were off to the airport to see daddy away, he had a work trip to Baltimore. He had to go learn some more stuff. After dropping him we did some shopping-the kids had some money burning holes in their pockets. Wyatt couldn't resist buying more legos-as if he needs anymore and Abby bought them a sprinkler.

I must have had some burning a hole also cause I couldn't resist buying these for my little man. I can see him now strolling on the beach looking SO handsome.

I couldn't find the shirt and shoes on their site so I snapped a pic

After that we headed to the movies to see Monsters VS Aliens, in 3D no less. which brings me to a point about the cost of a movie ticket these days. You would think with the economy in crapper they would make some things a little more accessible to the common person. I spent $19.50 on 2 tickets! and $14 on 1 popcorn and 1 drink! It is ridiculous.

But Abby did look funny in her 3D glasses

Yesterday we headed to Old time pottery to buy lots of flowers, I had 2 pots on the front porch and one huge pot on the back deck that were in need of filling with color. I am not all that creative with flower arranging so I cheated and found some online I liked and then went and bought those flowers:) I will have to take some pics once they fill out and look better, but I think they look great if I do say so myself.

Also since it was so sunny and HOT yesterday the kids decided to try out the new sprinkler.

now it is Monday and back to same ol same ol-Ya know carrider line, kids, wiping behinds, etc. So how was your weekend? good I hope

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordful Wednesday-the drive thru window

While on his four wheeler the other day Wyatt decided he needed a little something to eat, so he stopped in at the nearest drivethru window and picked up some pizza and sprite;)

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tagged: A list of 8's

I was tagged by Hair Bows and Guitar Picks . To Complete the lists of 8's. Tag 8 of my wonderful blogger friends. Then go tell them I tagged them!

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To
End of school this year-Yes you read that right
Baseball games
BEACH!! in July
any days I can get off
warm and sunny days
Hopefully BEACH in August
getting in shape for above mentioned trips to the beach, believe it or not
digging and planting in the garden then eating yummy homegrown veggies

8 Things I Did Yesterday
Woke up way to early
took the boy to school
Kept kids that don't belong to me
sat in car rider line
fed, bathed, wiped, etc. repeat many times
got to take a shower early in the day-woohoo
Made a yummy dinner
watched hubs and kiddos plant green beans in the garden

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
Go get my hair cut and eyebrows waxed
Go get that massage I got as a gift for my bday back in October
go out of town just the hubs and I
go to the beach 2 times this summer (just gotta talk the hubs into the 2nd trip)
Take the kids to Disney Land
Get a new van
get my little evil to act like a little princess 24/7
snap my fingers and my house be clean!

8 Shows I Watch
Greys Anatomy
Private Practice
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse-on right now-not by choice
Desperate Housewives

Now if you feel froggy go do it-Consider yourself tagged!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Recap

I shall call this weekend Fun in the Sun and No Fun in the No Sun

Saturday was a Warm beautiful spring day, we spent most of it outside. We had a ballgame and OMG let me tell ya it was a game to forever go down in history. I have never cheered so much or so loud:) at one time I began to think it was a cheering match between the two bleachers.

We played an awesome game and Almost pulled it out, but it ended with Wyatt trying to score the winning run by running his hardest home after the coach sent him; unfortunately the ball got there before he did and he hasn't quite developed his slide or take out the catcher and make him drop the ball skills-just kidding on the taking out the catcher kinda so he got tagged out-MAN talk about a nail bitter-We did tie though.

Saturday was a prime example of why I LOVE my hubs being the WONDERFUL coach he is, and had that been my daughter that got her bat yanked out of her hand by her coach I would have been on that field and she would have been done with her Tball career right there. I will be nice and leave it at that but just know our tie and ALMOST win goes deep and it made our season:)

Look at how freaking cute this girl is; I mean seriously come on!

this is why I haven't kicked her and her Little Evil attitude out the house yet!

Wyatt is still doing well at his 2nd base position he made an out and was just a second short from making a second out.

gotta love the LL Cool J look going on there with his pants

Then we took the team for celebratory ice cream at Sonic-coach's treat. I told you he is the best coach ever

Then after the game and Sonic it was home to do a little manual labor in the garden. I thought this a perfect time to use my free child labor!

Heck they plan on eating the stuff we grow, they need to at least earn their keep!

And just because I love love bare feet in the dirt

like the foot tattoo? She wants to be like her mommy-aint she sweet?

Sunday, well it was a yucky rainy day spent mostly indoors, oh there was that trip to the grocery how fun.

Monday is back to reality and back to work for the lady I babysit for so I am back to full time work with both kiddos, how fun. Monday also means no more sleeping in, even if it is just one extra hour I LOVE that extra hour I NEED that extra hour-I hate Mondays

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A fun Easter weekend

So after a bad,Good Friday the rest of the weekend shaped up nicely.

Saturday we headed to the zoo for a birthday party of the little girl I watch. They were also having their Zoo eggtravaganza. It was shall we say a little less than springlike that morning-you never know what weather you will get here at Easter.

We got there just in time for the next egg hunt. She was SOO excited.

Here she is "patiently" waiting to be released into the field

She was a bit disappointed when she started picking them up and discovered they were empty. She would pick them up shake them and throw them down. She was happy though when they gave her a goodie bag when she turned the eggs in.

ignore the dirty tights she fell the moment we got there!

After the zoo we headed straight to the ball park for Wyatt's game (which they won BTW!)

Our little ball team is really coming together and looked really good on Saturday. They were making great plays just like the big guys.

Saturday night being the good mommy that I am I stuffed eggs and baskets then went out in the cold night to hide eggs. Wyatt was the first to wake and we managed to hold him off til almost 8 believe it or not. They loaded up on candy, clearance Easter items from last year, a couple movies, Lego's, ponies etc. Needless to say they are a bit spoiled:)

yes we hunt eggs in pjs!

We then headed to Gram's for more spoiling

gotta love those gobbles aka goggles on Abby

and some posing for pictures which let me tell ya is a painful experience

I think this was the prettiest and warmest Easter we have had in a while and considering the weather on Good Friday it was well deserved for those here in the Boro.

so I know I gone on and on about this tornado but I had to add one more thing

This was sent to me by my neighbor that lives behind me, the guy that lives across the street from them snapped this pic of it from his yard! I am just glad I was hiding in the closet with the kiddos and did NOT see this out my front window or I may have peed my pants.

Friday, April 10, 2009

How did you spend your Friday?

Hope it was better than mine.

We spent over 2 hrs without electricity, and alot of those hrs I sat in a bedroom closet with a 4mth old, 2yr old, 3 yr old and 6yr old-it was great really. I listened as hard as I could over the noise of 4 kids in a closet to the little Spider Man radio I had. The entire time fearing for us, knowing the tornadoes were being shown on TV (the radio was broadcasting a local station) and were WAY to close to my house for comfort.

This is what I was hearing not seeing on TV. This area is just a few miles from my house

This is becoming to often of an occurrence here it was almost 3yrs ago to the day that I was huddled in my closet with my 3mth old and 3yr old, that day we did suffer damage to our house today we were lucky but so many were not.

So tonight hug your kids and say a prayer or what ever it is you do for all those in my city that have lost everything today in the storms. A mother and her 9wk old infant are the only 2 confirmed dead but many more were injured.

Hubs is out right now being the wonderful man that he is and helping do cleanup, he left with his chainsaw as soon as he got home from work. I have talked with most everyone I know in the areas hit and everyone is OK.


So today I got out for baseball and a birthday party, seeing some of the devastation that was close to our house is terrible. Shane helped at two different locations last night cutting trees, neither of those areas had been mentioned on the news. I am not sure of the confirmed number but there were multiple touchdowns. They have rated it as an EF3 with some areas EF4 which is just unheard of here. The devastation stretched 23 miles. Over 500 homes suffered damage Thankfully no more people were found dead and only about 40 or so people were injured which in a town our size is amazing.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Blogaversary to ME!

One year ago today I started this little thing called my blog, mainly cause I wanted to have a quick and easy way to share my kiddos with friends and family. Who knew what it would lead to, I have "met" many great ladies around the bloggy world and would love to call alot of them IRL friends.

I had a blast running thru my last year of post seeing what all we have done and how much my kids have grown in one short year.

A little preview of the past year
I turned 30!!
Abby turned 3
Wyatt turned 6
and Shane got older than me

Shane and I celebrated 8yrs of being married

Abby was oh so cute

We won the battle with the thumb

Shane coached an awesome season of Tball

We went to the beach and took tutu pics

Had some AWESOME pics made of Abby

and my boy conquered his fear of learning to ride his bike without training wheels

and I just know you all are so curious to know how one spends her first blogaversary. So I will let you in on my big plans for the day. Well it will start with waking terribly to early, dressing kids and myself, dropping one at the neighbors and going with the other on a field trip. Oh yea I will be celebrating in style with way too many first graders:) so wish me luck (that I know I will need) so that I don't loose someone's kid today!

A fun trip to the zoo

Shane's sis and kids are in town for a few days so we headed to the zoo on Sunday, that's back when it was warm and spring time still.

They had gotten some new animals on exhibit and the kids really wanted to see them and of course play on the playground.

this little baby tiger was one of two and OMG he was the cutest thing, I swear I could have brought him home and been the crazy big cat lady.

Abby was much braver than the boys and held the birds while feeding them cause she ain't no stinking scaredy cat

shortly after this pic was taken, I attempted to get the same bird that is there on the right, the one that looks like he has plucked his feathers and the zoo worker informed me "I would be careful with that one he tends to be nippy" as in he may bite you and take a chunk of skin with him. Oh thanks there mister you could have told me that when my 3yr old was just holding him mear inches from her oh so cute face!!

Checking out the Elephants

And then we managed to get all four of them to look at the camera and pretend to behave-I may or may not have told them that if they misbehave the zoo keepers will lock them up in cages!

Oh yea that's right she is the only girl among boys, is she spoiled? you bet. Did I totally win best DIL when I finally gave my MIL a little girl after all those boy-OH YEA

What trip would be complete with out a ride from daddy?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dear Weather

What is going on? I thought it was spring all the trees, flowers and plants also thought it was spring. It sure seemed like spring almost summer when I was at the ball park getting hot and sunburned on Saturday. So please tell me WHY this is what I read when I go to the local news weather page?

A freeze warning is in effect for much of Middle Tennessee overnight Monday and Tuesday as temperatures both nights are expected to dip into the low 30s in Nashville. Outlying areas could see lows in the 20s.

Monday's high temperature hovered around 40 degrees, some 30 degrees colder than Sunday's high of 74.

On and off rain showers mixed with snow by afternoon and flurries are again in the forecast for Tuesday morning.

Highs Tuesday are expected in the 40s.

It was sleeting most of the day yesterday and this morning it was SNOWING! WTH is up with that? I live in south not the frozen north so figure it out and knock it off.

So yep I will be covering my blueberries and tulips tonight. Do you know how MAD my kids will be if they don't get to enjoy blueberry pancakes from the blueberries grown with love from my backyard!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Play Ball!

Saturday was a gorgeous opening day at the ball park. We have been excited about the new baseball season and after a rain out on Thursday night it finally got off to a chilly start Saturday morning. The day turned into a beautifully sunny and warm day so all was not lost, except for our game:)

Here is my baller looking so grown up and cute

Here are him and Abby (our little cheerleader) pretending to like each other

They had lots of fun stuff going on there that included the landing of a Black hawk helicopter-during our game no less!

Our Favorite mascot Gnash was there

Wyatt had a good game and played very well in his new 2nd base position. All the kids had a blast even though we lost.

Here he is on his first at bat (that's daddy pitching)

And on first base, don't you love his airbrush helmet? yep that's how we role here.

And their caricatures which we stood in line for 18hrs to get

No I am off to the shower before the baby wakes and I have to be stinky all day!

Friday, April 3, 2009

So what's keeping me busy these days?

Well these are just two of the things or should I say little people:)

No, I did not hide a pregnancy and delivery of another child, this is the little baby sister of the girl I keep. I have started keeping her part time in preparation of her mommy going back to work in a couple weeks.

Abby just loves her she wants to help with her constantly. She brings her baby dolls when she cries and tries to help with her bottle. I just wished she would learn how to change a diaper!

And I know I mentioned it before but OMG is a sleeping baby not just the sweetest thing ever? Remember quiet and happy.

So make sure to keep me in your thoughts this summer as I will be in control of 4 yes count them 4 kids ALL SUMMER LONG. School will be getting out in a little over 1 month and will not resume til mid August. I may or may not loose my mind in the process, hey who are we kidding I have been crazy for quite some time now. Oh and I will be driving my own personal bus today loaded down with car seats and kids!

And while we are on the topic of car seats. I feel as though I am a relatively intelligent person, so I can totally understand how those who are shall we say less than intelligent can be frustrated by the installation of said car seat and totally give up and just strap the kid down with duck tape or something more easy! I mean seriously I was in a full on sweat installing that dang infant car seat base, those things are horrid when you don't have a car with the tether system and have to rely on the old standard of a seat belt. I am pretty sure it took me 4,367 attempts to get that thing in there tight enough and straight enough and I am pretty sure some expert would still tell me it's not right.

Now off to make me and Abby lunch before kids start waking up and it turns into shear chaos around here.