Friday, October 31, 2008

Just say NO to drugs!

This week at my son's school was Red Ribbon Week which is basically a "just say no to drugs" type of thing. Well they made floats for a parade they had yesterday and little man got to be one of the 4 chosen to walk the class float in the parade, because quote she needed someone she knew she could trust. He was so professional, hamming it all up and waving at his adoring fans along the sidewalk. It was a great little parade complete with a fire truck, ROTC, Ambulance, band, and the best in Wyatt's opinion the 2 motor cycle cops he got to walk behind.

His class float was a Big ol spider with webs all over and it said "Don't get tangled up in a web of drugs" Cute right? he also wore his tie dyed tshirt that I just happen to make for the entire class for the field trip tomorrow so they all match. Of course I was snapping away with the camera.

Abby was Loving the band that came from the near by high school she was breaking it down!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Look who got another award!

Look what happens when I stay away all day long from this wonderful world of Blogger that I love so much! I cleaned my entire house spotless today and I was rewarded with an award.

Wonderful Just the Girl who also just happened to buy a tutu for her OH SO CUTE little diva from me, you can see her looking so cute in it here

I am now suppose to tell you 6 things that make me very happy.

1) My family of course
2) When hubs either sends me a text or email just to say hi during the day
3) Coffee (especially from Starbucks)
4) When Abby comes in early in the morning and climbs in the bed and snuggles and falls back to sleep
5) The Beach!!!
6) Getting something fun in the mail (since it is usually full of bills)

Now here ya go sending it out to two more of my bloggy friends
Bad mommy

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch time

Yesterday we took our annual trip to the Walden Pumpkin patch. We have been going since Wyatt was just a few months old. I love to look back at the old pics from every trip and how much they have grown from year to year.

It was an absolutely Gorgeous day. Sunny and 70 something. We met some friends there and fun was had by all. We saw lots of baby animals, fed some of those baby animals, played in the corn, and ate a Yummy sliced apple covered in warm, melted caramel. Then we went home and did some manual labor outside (which was not as fun).

I had to include some pictures from the past

This is Wyatt at just about 3mths in 2002

A year later 2003; Notice how much lighter his hair color is?


2005-really looking like a big boy

2006-Finally Abby gets to go. She was 9mths old (click to make it bigger)

2007-Wyatt thinks he is getting to old for the posing for pics

And finally Yesterday

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's what's for dinner II

If you missed the last edition of "It's whats for dinner" staring Abigail you can find it here, We had Slow Cooker Tex Mex Chicken.

For this edition my sous chef will once again be Abby. She will be preparing Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla soup. Anyone seeing a trend beginning to start? You can find the full recipe here

The list of ingredients is a bit overwhelming but trust me nothing is crazy about them and I had everything in my pantry but enchilada sauce and green chilies. I did fool around with the recipe just a bit and added a can of Black beans with sauce, and omitted the Cilantro.

Also instead of cooking the chicken then shredding it and adding it to the crock pot, I just threw in whole frozen chicken breasts. About 4 or so hrs later I pulled them out and shredded them with a fork, it was super easy to do.

Add the water, frozen chicken and a bay leaf then dump some enchilada sauce in

Then that can of black beans I mentioned before that was not in the recipe

Dump everything else in (it starts to get pretty full by this point) and end with the seasonings. Next time I may take a bit of the water out since my beans had sauce in them.

Then of course you must stir it

I served tortilla chips with it, which everyone crumbled into the soup. I also sprinkled a bit of cheese into mine. It was so good everyone loved it and everyone got clean bowl award for eating all their dinner!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordful Wednesday-What was once lost now is found

Remember this post and how at the end of it I mentioned a certain lost article of my husband's.

Well lucky for us, what was lost has now been found!

Yep that would be the infamous wedding ring! Yes it was in the garden. How you ask would we finally find his ring all this time later?

Yes that would be a medal detector! My dad brought it over and he went over where hubs had been digging the sweet potatoes and sure enough there it was buried in the dirt.

Go read more Wordful Wednesday post over at the circus

Monday, October 20, 2008

Another photo session

Tonight we met up with Heather to do another photo session, she is absolutely amazing and does a fantastic job. We had Abby's pics done back in August and they were awesome, so I took Wyatt tonight to get some of him and a few of he and Abby, I decided last minute to jump in on some also.

You can jump over to her blog to see the little preview she gave me tonight. The proofs will not be ready for a few weeks, unfortunately! Make sure while you are there to click on the link in her post so that you can see some of Abby's pics from her session back in August. Also you can look here for my post on them (it has more than are shown on her blog).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My birthday loot!

I know my birthday was like 2 days ago but I had to share all my goodies with you guys. I did pretty good

My lovely hubs and kiddos went out shopping last week and my daughter was informed it was a secret and she could not tell me what she got and therefor it became something she HAD to do. She tried 3 times that night to tell me! She proceeded to throw a full on fit telling daddy "You are mean" because she could NOT tell me what she had gotten. My little man took his wallet and picked out my present and paid for it with his own money!!

Hubs got me a gift card here because like mentioned before I lurve me some coffee.
He also got me these from Target, I needed some new brown boots.

This is what Wyatt and Abby got for me. The coffee mug and biscotti were from Wyatt, does my little man know me or what? Abby also shares my love for lip gloss so she picked those out.

We had to pick Wyatt up at Chuckie Cheese Friday evening after a party he had gone to for a boy in his class, we went to dinner here I was serenaded in Italian for my big day.

I also got a gift card to here for a hour and a half long massage, so I will be enjoying that one day very soon!

My big day went on into Sat. My FIL knowing how much I LOVE the Predators and LOVE hockey and LOVE going to games gave me and hubs 2 tickets for the Saturday night game! I was SOOO excited, due to some less than desirable economic issues we only have tickets purchased for 4 games this year:( we went to 15 or more last year. It was fun for just hubs and I to go since we the kids always go with us. We played to Blue Jackets and Won!

Me and the hubs after the big win!

One of my Favorite players Jordan Tootoo laying the smack down on some guy! He is kinda the goon of the team and will not hesitate to square up with another player no matter how much bigger they are than him! In 2006-07 he led the team in penalty minutes (116) :)

Sitting in Time out:)

The final score!

All in all I think my big day was a good one, I did have to color my hair to hide all the grey hairs I wouldn't want someone to see me and actually think I am in my 30's:) THANKS a ton to everyone who stopped by and wished me a happy birthday it really made me happy because I love to get comments.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

So it is here! After today I have to change my profile because I am no longer an almost 30 sahm. BTW I just saw on GMA that it is also Emeril's bday:)

In my 30yrs I have done many things I am proud of and a few things I am not so proud of. When you are young you think of 30 and how old that seems, now I am 30 and no one better call me old!

So for my big day I thought I would take a trip back in time.

Here I am on the first big day of my life

a few months later

8 months old

Sitting on "Christmas Guy's" lap (this is what Abby has been calling him)

6yrs old pageant girl

A little older & still a pageant girl. Check out those long, skinny legs, what happened to them? Oh yea about 23yrs and 2 kids that is what happened!

I think I am in 5th or 6th grade-Check out the hair, it gets better!

7th grade pic-told ya the hair got better! Can you imagine how much hair spray was gone thru during these years?

My friend since 2nd grade. I think we were in 8th grade here

Same friend 9th grade Valentine's dance

Skip ahead to 1996. I was 17 and had just graduated high school. We had just gotten back from Senior Trip to Panama City, yes that is the hubs we met we I was a junior in high school.

And most recently-I know I had this one not long ago but I thought it was my best recent picture and I have no grey hairs showing!

Writer's Workshop:Creating

Jump over to Mama Kat's to read more of her prompts for today's writer's workshop.

Well I knew exactly what I would write about when I read the prompt "What do you love to create?" but then I read Mama Kat's post and I thought oh she will think I am copying her so I will take mine a step further.

She says she loves to create memories and that is also my answer. I am BIG on creating traditions from us going to the same beach every year, going to the same pumpkin patch since Wyatt was only a few months old, to all of our Christmas traditions (trust me there are tons). It is just I want to make great memories for our kids so that they can look back and say "Wow I had a great childhood" and then when they have kids they will continue to make family traditions to create those wonderful memories.

So I will add to mine so as not to look like a copy kat. My other big thing I love to create that will also allow me to always remember those wonderful fun times is Scrapbook pages. I love to dig deep for my creative side and make these wonderful pages.

Here are a few I have created.

Christmas 2003 the one on the right is Wyatt the one on the left is Shane 1978

Meeting his new baby sister

I always add journaling to the pages the poem reads:

"I have a new sister, they dress her in pink. I don't know where she came from, but she's staying I think.
Mommy and Daddy are now ours to share; they'll love us both and I know they'll be fare.
I'll kiss her and hug her with all my might; and I won't mind if she cries in the middle of the night.
I'll help with her diapers and with her bath too; she needs her big brother, she's so tiny and new.
I'm ready for the challenge; on me she can depend. I have a new sister, I have a new friend.

Fall 06

His fifth Bday

This is my new obsession-Digital Scrapbooking
Beach 08

Some from her 2yr pics