Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A girl and her Tutu

I have seen so many pictures of cute little girls in their tutu's and I knew Abby had to have one. I soon found out that they can get pricey on Etsy and Ebay. So I decided I would make one myself. I ordered the stuff and got it yesterday, I was SO excited. I went straight to work on it and quickly decided this could turn into an obsession easily. Come on what is not cute about a little girl running around in a pink tutu.

Abby Loves it and will not take it off, she ran around outside playing in it last night. I put it on her this morning to snap some pics of it and now she wont take it off! I had to make a collage of all the pics because I couldn't decide which to use. Click on it to make it bigger

So now here goes my market myself Tuesday-If you know a super cute little girl that would look Oh So Cute in one of these I would love to make her one. Like I said it may be a new obsession of mine and if I made a bit of money Shane may not mind all the tulle laying around the house:)

There should be some sort of award

That's right I deserve the your such a great mommy award. This morning for breakfast I made these.....

Yep that would be Blueberry Pancakes and YES those blueberries were fresh as in I just picked them from our back yard! They were so yummy I may or may not had more than one:) Next I will be making a pie with the other berries from our backyard.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

In 3 weeks......

This will be my view!-Notice my green and white tent and beach chairs are left there all week

We will be eating good food at our favorite little spot

We will have some boogie boarding

and even some napping on the beach

I can not wait, this is our 4th year going to the same place and needless to say we are very excited because we love it there.

and last but not least my favorite pic from last years trip

Friday, June 20, 2008

Wanna buy this for Abby?

While walking through Sam's today not only did we pick up a huge bag of dog food (really everything is big there) and get almost an entire lunch in (thanks to all of those free samples) we found this playhouse that Abby just loved (Wyatt would never admit it but he seemed to like it also). Of course I had my camera so I snapped some pictures of them playing. Too bad our current cash flow or lack there of doesn't allow us to purchase this.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All Good Things Must Come To An End

And our good thing has.

We lost our 2nd and final tournament game last night. The kids played hard and really had a good time playing their last game of the season.

It is a little sad it is over but on another hand a bit of a relief, not sure how much more stress I could handle. It is easy to get all caught up in the game and want to run out on the field and ask the ump, what was he thinking was he even watching the game? But then you snap back to reality and remember that they are only 5 yrs old and in the big picture of life it really doesn't matter. This season will not affect whether or not they make it into the majors, heck it wont even affect their high school or college careers.

I have seen how some of the coaches act and how they think their team is so much better than yours. I was told of a certain coach of a certain team that had not been beaten all season and her team had won the tournament last year. I also heard that when this certain coach lost the first game they played in the tournaments to the 8th place team she was shall we say less than sportsman like. She then lost her next game later that day and was subsequently out of the tournaments in 2 games. I would never wish that kids loose a game but I am hopeful this snapped her back to reality. This is the main reason Shane is coaching Wyatt I do not want a coach that is more worried about winning than letting the kids have a good time. Shane has been an excellent coach this season and had wonderful help from parents. I hope Wyatt will remember these days and realize how great of a daddy he has.

Only thing those kids were worried about after their second game was when they would get a medal. They watched two other teams receive them and really wanted one.

Coach Daddy and Wyatt

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Nationals live on to play again!

Well we weren't too sure if we would make it this far, but the kids have played awesome the last few games and we have survived. Our tournaments are a 2 game elimination (you loose two games and your out). We lost our first game and now we are in what they call the loser's bracket. Meaning every game we play someone is out, either us or the other team. We won last night and also won today! Now we will play Monday night and we will see what happens.

Wyatt got the game ball today and was very proud of himself. He made some awesome plays today despite the heat.

One of the dads brought the under eye patch things today and they were a big hit with the kids.

All lined up congratulating the other team while they got their medals. As each team gets eliminated they get medals.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tballer in the making

I think we may have the next tball prodigy on our hands here. Tonight while Wyatt was practicing in the back yard Abigail decided she needed to get in on the action. She put on Wyatt's glove and pitcher mask (they make the pitchers wear a mask). She was so funny chasing the ball around and throwing it. I could not resist taking some pics.

This is her ready position her daddy taught her

Throwing the ball to daddy

Tball will start at the age of 4 Shane is excited to coach her also. He is sure she will be the best girl they have ever seen.

How does your garden grow?

Well I thought I would give a garden update since I did a post when we started planting. I harvested our first veggies the other day.


Here is a view of most of it, notice the electric fence around it, that is to keep the deer out. Those dang things will help themselves to anything and everything they can get a hold of-We know this from experience!

Abby and I planted some pumpkins the other day so we hopefully will have our own pumpkin patch come fall time! We should be getting some squash and zucchini by this weekend just in time for our father's day grill out. I also plan on picking some of our green tomatoes and frying them up.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot and Fun in the sun

Well it is official IMO that summer has fallen on TN. When it is 95 degrees outside it is summer! We have been trying to stay busy and cool during these hot days. Friday we met Liz and her little men at the Splash Pad. I was a bit of a crazy woman took a couple extra kids that did not belong to me. So if anyone is keeping count that would bring the total # of kids to 4! Wyatt and a friend from school (that would be two 6 yr olds), Abby (2 1/2) and the little girl I babysit (14mths old). It was alot of fun and the kids loved it and I looked like a supermom to those who did not know me:)

Saturday we had a 12:30 tball game and let me tell ya it was no fun at all. The temp was a nice and warm 95 and there is no shade there at the park, luckily Gram showed up with Abby's pink frilly big umbrella and we managed to get a bit of shade. The kids looked so hot and being the mommy I was worried about my little man who by the way hates to be hot. The game had a less than desirable outcome but the kids survived the heat. Now we are on to tournaments that start Thur. night so have good thoughts that it cools a bit here.

Notice the kid in the outfield behind Wyatt and the glove covering his face (click on the picture to make it bigger)! Too bad he wasn't playing the infield:)

Saturday night we went to a long time (like forever) friend of Shane's house. It was his daughter's birthday party. It was fun catching up, we don't see them much since gas costs like $4000 and they live about 45 min. away. The kids had fun especially Abby when she saw that the bday girl got a Barbie Jeep.

Here are the girls trying to find something good on the radio-Yes there was a real radio in it

Abby wouldn't take off the princess shoes that the bday girl got (BTW they were from us she was lucky to get them)

Lounging with daddy trying to cool off

Oh yea and it is also official Abby's has begun the Cheese face. I have a hard time getting a real smile from her.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Is it in the water?

Not sure what it is about our yard that makes bugs grow unusually large (remember the beetle Abby had?). But there must be something because once again we found a very large and in my opinion very creepy moth. Since Wyatt was in bed being the good mom I am I went to the garage and got his bug house and scooped it up so he could see it this morning. I snapped some pics this afternoon when he decided to let it go.

Here it is making the great escape

Isn't he brave I would have never let that thing crawl on me

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Swimming with gobbles on

I mentioned this before but we got the kiddos a big pool to play in the back yard in when we can't go to the real pool. We haven't gotten in it yet cause it still isn't ready & has this funny shade of green going on right now:)

Abigail has discovered goggles or as she calls them "gobbles" and loves wearing them, even though we have only gotten her to go under a couple of times. They really had fun playing this past weekend it was so hot outside. We have already hit 90 degrees the hot and humid TN summer is upon us.

Wyatt with his shark goggles on-These things have been around forever he loves them I think they have made it to the beach and back 3 times. He has also decided that he likes to ruin every pic I take of him by making faces Here is a short video I took of Abby "swimming" in the pool. Try to ignore the grass all in it, this was day 3 of the water.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Forbidden Love

Our Cat Pib and Zeus the French Bulldog just love each other. Pib has always had a thing for some of our dogs he use to get in the kennel with Curly, I only wish I would have snapped a pic of that it was great. He however does not like to be chased by the other big dogs.

He and Zeus developed an immediate love for each other when Zeus came to live with us and they have since then had a great time playing and lounging together on the deck. They were hillarious to watch playing tonight and I tried to snap some pictures thru the door, so as not to disrupt their good time.